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Damn it's fun...

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I took up racing again last sunday. I think it was 15 years since I last raced. I'm so stoked.
When I raced before I was racing snowboards and skis were honestly not yet fun in gates. Now with true shaped skis I just love it.
I can't believe why I haven't done this earlier...
Finally I have a winter hobby again. :)
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Thats great Carl. Masters ski racing is deffinetly my #1 sport. I started with just club racing 4y ago but this year Im doing all the national races part of the cirquit. Its a sport that can last a life time. The oldest guy we have racing is almost 90. Born in the 20s.
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I like what you are saying. I've been up 'til last week believing that there's no public racing classes for those at the same age or older than the WC guys. I'm so happy I was wrong.

How's the club racing comparing to the national races? Depends on the region i guess?
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LOL, I was wrong too. I thaught it was all over. Once I got into the games again (25y out of the loop) I also thaught that it would be easy to smoke the stiff and aged masters but I was wrong here too. There is one over 50 that still beats the FIS skiers taking part in the open class. In our local club we have 4 guys that all can place themselves highest on the podium on the national level so that kind of makes the standard at our club high. Can you beat these guys you are among the best also national wide. Most competitors come from the south coast and the capital area. All national level races are at FIS approved racing tracks higher up in the country. One is even a masters FIS race and this year we had participants not only from russia (they are 20 at every event) but also from sweden, norway, estonia and this year even from the us. Then we have a mini-master series for the costal slopes. Its a great racing scene. We are planning on comming over to sweden for some races just for fun since we got an invitation at the olympics earlier this year. Turns out we can trawel to almost any country and participate in masters camps and races. Its a great bunch of people and it really puts your life in perspective. You are thaught respect and you are respected.
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Here's some video from today along with a MA request. :)

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