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What ski did you learn to ski powder on? a poll - Page 2

Poll Results: What ski did you first learn to ski powder on?

Poll expired: Mar 16, 2010  
  • 10% (4)
    head standard, hart standard, miller soft, early generation straight soft skis 1965 era
  • 39% (15)
    traditional GS race ski (Rossi SM, Atomic Arc RS, and any GS (recreational stock) ski 1975 era
  • 13% (5)
    Early shaped skis with mid fat waist (Volkl Snow Ranger, Volkl G30 or G4, and skis of this group) 1990 era
  • 7% (3)
    Early conventional skis with wide 95+- waist, stiff or soft flex: (Volkl Explosiv, Salomon Pocket Rocket, AK Launcher, Rossignol B-Squad, Fisher Pohete, etc)
  • 0% (0)
    Modern super fat skis, conventional camber and sidecut: (Volkl Sumo, Dynastar XXL, and skis of this group)
  • 5% (2)
    Modern fun shaped powder skis, (S-7, Atomic Bent Chettler, Praxis Powder, Volkl Kuro, skis of this group)
  • 23% (9)
    other (specify in reply)
38 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Rio View Post

Flawed.  You forgot 70s era SL skis.  In my case, 207cm Rossignol Strato 102s with Salomon 505 bindings.

you're good in the Race Ski category, just for the sake of polling types of ski.

I do enjoy these flashbacks

But, there is a distinct absense of younger skiers participating in this poll??I didn't necessarily want to give this a retro flavor, thus the option to indicate a powder ski as the first powder ski used.
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Rossi 4S and 7S @ Taos Ski Valley during annual trips from NYC with parents in late 80s and early 90s;

then 7S and K2 SLCs (purchased after I lost one 7S during a powder day @ Mary Jane) while living in Boulder, CO and skiing Vail/Beaver Creek 3-4 times weekly during "sabbatical" from college (first real technique breakthroughs during this period - could ski all day) in winter of 1993-1994;

True epiphany (much more varied turn shapes and higher speeds, without having to pogo stick, due to GS and midfat dimensions) came with 1st gen Volkl G30 and Bandit XXX (purchased after I bent one of my G30s) during extended swing through Jackson Hole, Tahoe, Alta/Snowbird, Vail/Beaver Creek, Aspen/Snowmass in winter of 1999-2000.

Now loving the DPS Lotus 120s on the good days (floaty powder sensations underfoot while preserving dynamic turn sensation of railing groomers = two great tastes that go great together).
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I've never skied powder! :(
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Struggled somewhat on traditional GS skis, then my breakthrough ski was the origial Snow Ranger.

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As for "epiphany", I took a chunk of life off from skiing and started skiing new equipment in late 2006.  It wasn't until several times this season that I was able to ski real powder (beyond 12" deep that is) on skis wider than 80mm underfoot.  My 999s got most of the goods this season and what I noticed was that It wasn't nearly as much physical work.  I immediately became aware that I wasn't getting tired like I used to skiing deep snow.  Also, the snow didn't seem as deep as they said it was.  That's good in the sense that it is a lot less work to negotiate, but bad in the sense that it doesn't feel deep anymore even when it is.  20" still feels like 12".  I'd call that more of a let down than an "epiphany"  Except that I'm old and not in really good shape anymore so I'll take it.  We can always bust out skinny skies anytime we prefer more work LOL
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I checked the top/oldest box.  I don't know the meaning of float in powder.  Because I ski mostly in the mid-Atlantic I ski a narrow waisted 67mm ice ski and am lucky to get one 8+ inch powder day per season.  My best memories of long ago powder days involved never seeing my boots and skinny skis because they were submerged all day.  Admittedly, on the rare occasions I've skied 12-18 inches on narrow waisted modern shaped skis I have flailed somewhat, so the idea of an epiphany on a 95mm waist ski intrigues me, but not enough to buy a ski like that for a once every few years occasion.
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it was PolSport skis, straight, heavy and stiff @160, circa 1983 i think (i'm two years older, hehe). I was a kid, the year was like 1990 or 1991, and it was heavy somewhat wet knee-deep snow between the trees. Noone in our group could ski it off-"piste" that days, except me. I made my first tracks, nicely arced, then studied 2nd-3rd runs on those same tracks, then made another tracks, and so on - experimented. That hill wasn't too steep, tho... Prior to that i've been on skis for a couple of days - maybe six or seven, some years before, all on "piste" (well, there were no "piste" per se in USSR because there were no snowcats, no grooming). After that "piste" was uninteresting (till i tried carving).
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I used a pair of 210 Dynamic mv2's that were "rockered" by being bent from mogul skiing.
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I used a pair of 210 Dynamic mv2's that were "rockered" by being bent from mogul skiing.
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