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Okay I have searched and read a bunch of questions similar to mine, but I still haven't found the answer I'm looking for.  If someone else is better at searching, feel free to point me in the right direction.

Do you "NEED" to have an FIS legal ski for low level Skier X events.?  Is SkierX at the winter X-Games governed by FIS equipment rules?  I am looking to buy new skis and given the opportunity, I want to compete in some of the local SkierX races.  I'm an instructor and I like a few of the all mountains I've tried out.  I just don't want to go and buy the top of the line race ski if I don't need to at this point because I'll spend more time teaching all over the mountain, than I will racing.

Any help would be great.  Thanks
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No FIS ski rules for Skier X. 


To Race ski cross you should have the ability to ski a race ski all over the mountain.
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An observation from the WC Ski Cross at Blue Mt, Ontario last winter:  a majority of competitors, men and women, were on 183 cm, 23m FIS GS skis (the womens FIS minimum for Alpine GS).

A handful of the bigger men (esp. the Austrians) were on 27m FIS GS skis.

Talking to a few of the service techs, this equipment selection was apparently pretty much standard for most events. 
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