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New Boot = New Binding Mounting

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I was wondering if I bought new boots that were smaller than my current one would I have to get my bindings re-mounted. The boots I have now are too large because I bought them back when I knew nothing about sizing of boots or boot fitting. So basically it was my fault. Well I just recently bought skis and have used them for the lsat 3 days and I love them. Highly recommend the Line Prophet series.

Anyway, I was considering buying boots that fit correctly and getting them fitted next season but I didn't know if this meant I would have to get my bindings re done. I currently have Tyrolia Peak 15 bindings set at 325mm.

Thanks for the advice in advance 
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This question should be moved to the boot expert forum.  That being said, bindings do have a range of adjustment even after they are mounted.  I've moved the binding on my ski a couple of times with new boots with no real effect to my skiing (other then new boots).  If you know what you're doing it takes about 30 seconds, if you don't have an expert do it. 
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I am not familiar with tyrolia Peak 15 binding.  Which ski do you have?  That should tell use what binding system is used.

Typically if the bindings is a Railflex binding then it can easily be adjusted but you should have someone who knows the appropriate settings to do this.  No drilling and very quick to change.  The shop where you bought your boots could probably do this very quickly.

That being said I am guessing you have something like a Mojo 15 binding.  This is usually mounted directly on the ski.  The heel of this binding has approximately 10mm adjustment forward and aft of the middle.  It is possible that the heel binding can be adjusted to fit your new boot without remounting.  However if the boot sole is significantly shorter you will likely need to have a shop remount the heel at least to accomodate a smaller boot.

Hope this makes sense - if you tell us the model of the ski and the new boot sole length I can give you better information.  Either way - take it to the shop where you bought your boots.


Head / Tyrolia certified technician
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If your boot sole length changes 10 mm or less, the boot position on the ski won't change that much.

Here's a thread that discusses the importance of binding placement on the ski: 

Binding mount position is 99% of ski performance

Another point to consider is if the heel will move far enough forward to provide sufficient forward pressure as mikehoyt mentions.
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 I'm currently skiing a Line Prophet Flite at 172. So I was looking to upgrade from my Nordica Speed machine 8's. I like the way they feel but I can tell that they are too big after reading a bunch. I think I will need to move a full size down in boot size cause I can almost get 3 fingers behind my heel with the liner out. 

I do believe that the Head mojo 15 is very similar if not the same as my binding

Thanks again. 

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 The Peak 15 can adjust about 15mm larger or smaller without remounting.  Look on the left side of the heel piece, on the bottom metal track, and you'll see a set of marks that show the forward and aft range of the heel from center (normally it would be mounted at center).  It sounds like your boots are more than 15mm too big, though, so you will likely need to remount.
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