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Atomic Blackeye Ti?

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I’m looking for opinions on the 178cm Blackeye Ti as a good all mountain ski to replace my 176cm Fischer AMC 76s. I’m 5’10 195 in good shape. I’ve been skiing for over 30 years and am a solid level 7. I ski about 20 to 30 days a year mostly in New Mexico at Santa Fe where we have great tree and glade terrain and also a few days at Taos. These will be my everyday skis, which consist of about 40% trees and glades, 35% groomers and 25% bumps. When I am on blue and black groomers I ski very fast with GS type turns, in the trees I ski mostly black terrain and not double blacks unless it’s fresh and deep then I would be on my Watea 101s. On bump runs I am almost always on blacks.
I have the Watea 101s for deep days and Volkl Supersport Superseeds for an occasional groomer oriented day. I am inclined to stay under 80 for width because I carve a pretty good edge on groomers and don’t like the feel of an 80+ skis when I am doing that. I found my Fischer AMCs good for most of what I like to do but they have a speed limit and are a little unstable in chop.
Any comments from those with experience on the Blackeyes is appreciated.
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The Blackeye ti would be great for what you want. I ski it all over the mountain from ridge hikes to bumps to groomers it rides very stable and predictable with great edge hold, yet surprisingly nimble and quick when wanted. I spend a lot of time in the bumps with them and they do well there too. Except deep powder, I haven't found a condition yet where I felt I wanted to go in a get on another pair of skis. You won't regret buying these skis.
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Thanks for the feedback Ric. Anyone else with Blackeye experience?
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I skied on them through out the season. As RicB said it all, it is go everywhere ski and does it all well. I would say if there is a commitment to go forward they might be exactly what you like. There is a slightly corky feel on groomers since they do not have a wood core, but it did not border me much (I am on 163 cm, have 140 lb, 5f6i). I did find the condition where I wanted a different ski only after I tested some other beasts on frozen hardpack, till that time I thought they did really good there too. However, you seem to have the Volkl for that occasion. At this point it is my favorite ski off groomers.
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Thanks for the feed back guys. I got the Blackeye Ti @ 178 and spent 3 days on them in Santa Fe and Taos last week. We had a wide vairity of conditions from a firm (not icy) day of hardpack to a day of 8" accumulating snow to the second day after a 21" powder day. I used my Watea 101s the day after the overnight 21" dump but that's another (great) story.
The Blackeyes did everything I hoped the would be. They made short and long turns with NO speed limit I could find on the groomers, they were very quick in the bumps, great in the crud on the acumulating snow day and a blast in the tress in both skied out conditions and in soft chop after the dump. They were the do it all ski I was looking for. I am going to sell my Volkl Superspeeds as we don't get to much ice in New Mexico and pare to a two ski quiver with the Blackeyes and the Watea 101s. It will actually be a three ski quiver because I'll keep my Fischer AMC 76s for rock skiing.
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