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First of all, hello!

Secondly, a question:

This year I convinced my friends to buy season passes a local hill, the only "problem" is they all snowboard. I currently have a pair of all mountain skis but my friends are park rats, see the problem? Luckily, I tried the park for the first time ever this season and I love it! Jumps are some of my favorite things to do and clearing a 15-20ft table top and making the down slope is no problem with skis I currently own. The real problem is rails, I just can't do them with the skis I own, and, as much as I love the park, I still love to haul ass. So my question is: Is there any ski that is good for carving as well as in the park? I live in the Mid Atlantic so I need my edges...

The reason I ask this is I want ONE pair of skis and I don't want to carry around another pair.