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Gap jumping

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That is definitely whacked out!
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 that so lame its not funny.
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 I must be sick, because I thought that was funny!
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 Garbage truck ??
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Does anyone else think this might not be real? I showed it to some friends and they all were pretty convinced it was 'shopped
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Definitely "shopped" but still funny nonetheless.
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Originally Posted by Pwdrhnd View Post

Definitely "shopped" but still funny nonetheless.

Oh 100% agreed
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 Faked for sure!
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Definitely shopped. Go through it frame by frame. He gets hit in the front, the snowboard goes behind the truck.
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 Someone would have to explain the humor to me. Some subtlety I'm overlooking perhaps...
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You know how you always think "wow, it would suck for someone to get hit by a high speed truck if they did this" but that little part of you would kinda like to see them get hit by a high speed truck. Well, they faked a guy getting hit by the truck so you could have the thrill of seeing it without the regret of having actually wanted to see that. 

If you are lacking either the part where you have ever wondered about that kind of thing, or the part that would have regretted wondering about it, then I suppose the humor will find no purchase with your ethos. 
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It's funny because the danger isn't real; it's not you.
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 It's not funny because the danger is real, and it is me. Although I don't recall getting hit by a truck, I've been hit by cars many times.

onxjl, it appealed to me on some level. I admit there is a part of me that wants to see that. I just don't think my sense of humor resides there.

Even less funny in real life. I've seen a car plow into a young woman, then push her through the front of a 7-11.

Another time, I saw a large man knocked from a sidewalk twenty feet into the air when a collision in the nearby intersection sent a car careening his way.

Hey, I hope I haven't ruined the fun for anybody. Have a nice day 
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It's also unexpected.

Personal past experience definitely makes jokes unfunny to some while still funny to others who are less experienced with the negative consequences of the subject matter.
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 Yeah. The element of surprise is a part of humor, so this qualifies as humorous. Thanks for 'splainin' it to me Ghost! 
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The point here seems to be don't walk on the street anywhere near Telerod. 
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 To me it has an element of the Darwin Awards to it.  Like maybe you shouldn't do gap jumps over roads, or maybe you need more kick on the jump.
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While I was in college at the Colorado School of Mines, hang gliders would launch themselves off of the side of a mountain just west of the campus. I was driving up Lariat Trail on Lookout Mountain one day and came around a blind curve to find a hang glider floating across the road only a couple of feet above the roadway. He had just jumped off the hillside above the road and hadn't gotten enough lift from the glider to stay above the traffic. I missed him by only a few feet as he drifted by and slipped over the side into the air below. If I had been there only a couple of seconds sooner, the fellow would likely have been explaining to St. Peter that he was there because he got hit by a car while hang gliding.

I thought at the time that was a really dumb place to launch a hang glider.

I'd rather not watch a video of someone dying a violent death. The fact that this was faked didn't stop me from believing that for a moment, as I didn't realize it was a fake until afterward.

Jumping snowboards over a highway is about as dumb as launching a hang glider off of a mountain over a road near a blind curve.
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+1 vote for fake
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Tanner Hall 2005, this one's real.
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