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mcl tear- what do i do to recover?

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also will it be something i am aware of all the time? or will it eventually go away?  it was a lvl 3 tear but the doctor's said no surgery is required, but i have been wearing a knee brace for 6 weeks. any tips from people who have gone through this would be great!  thanks
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Welcome to Epic!

Listen to your doc. Listen to your PT. Especially the latter. Don't over do it and listen to your PT. Ask your PT these questions. Let them know that you want to return to a high level of performance and are committed to do what it takes. Heed their answers then do what they say.
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You will go through a phase where you are -not- aware of the injury at all, then something tiny will happen and the burst of pain will remind you.

Do not overdo it.    Again: do not overdo it or you can set yourself back 6 months or a year.   (I did).
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