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GNAR game at Squaw

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 For those not following the Squaw scene too close- they are (were) having the unofficial game of GNAR this next couple of weeks.  For the rules, see the Squawllywood book, but basically the game involves 20 competitors who are supposed to score points doing extreme lines at Squaw and getting extra points (or point deductions) for doing outrageous and silly things like skiing those lines naked (+500), using the safety bar on the lift (-50 points), cooking breakfast in the KT22 lift line, skiing with your SO on a powder day (-200 points, right?), etc...  The whole thing carried a winner-take-all prize of $25K, and it was supposed to be made into a ski movie (kind of a brilliant plot for making a great ski movie for 25 grand).  

That pesky extra point bit actually turned out to be significant.  Here is what I was able to reconstruct from the blog and forum postings on UnofficialSquaw and TGR: everyone quickly figured out that the extra point you get for BN (code for taking the scored line butt-naked) is a very good way to ramp up your total score, so by some reports nearly everyone was skiing BN by the end of the day.  Not surprisingly, Squaw was not amused by the 20 or so naked dudes roaming the mountain, so the next day the resort pulled the passes of all the game contestants and the game was suspended until further notice.    Let's hope it resumes with some sort of ban on BN lines; I would like to see these guys hit all the tough Squawllywood lines in style. 
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Only in California....

Love that place.!!
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Sounds like a really intense movie when finished though...
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 Well, GNAR game was invented by Shane McConkey and the Gaffney brothers...  Also, Squaw's warm sunny weather does help ;-)


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There is some history prior to this event at Squaw: a Chinese downhill on the mountain run that was not sanctioned by Squaw.  That works into how this all played out, as patrol have a say in who skis the mountain.

Unofficial treads upon the line between being involved with Squaw and dissing Squaw with their events. It's wierd. They got all this money, and so forth.

I thoroughly enjoyed that first day, but that has nothing to do with unoficial's future as a site, film, or business. a little wierd.
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