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Shop guys: Do mixed marriages of binding and ski work?

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 Hi - Question to folks who actually work with this gear day to day. What will happen if you mate a brand binding you like to a different plate/system of a ski you also like? Background: Like most of us here, there are a few bindings I just cannot love. For me, foremost the Look PX. Close behind, the Marker IQ. On the other hand, there are system skis I like that come with these bindings. Rossi Avenger 82 Ti's, for instance, and several Blizzards such as the Supersonic with sliders that (far as I know) are specifically set up for IQ's. 

So what happens if I mount a binding I like, say a Tyrolia, on the plate designed for the PX or IQ? 

Note: I am very far away from any skis or ski stores just now, can't do a personal comparo of footprints. Also, this is NOT a question about why I do or don't like a certain binding. Please just take it as a given. Nor is it a question about holes. Yep, realize I would have to drill new ones. Nor is it a question about factory recs and legalities; I understand that each system maker will say, "Noooo. Plate and binding are designed super specially for our product. Wrong wrong wrong. Thing will self-destrruct and take out the whole mountain. We will assassinate any operative who mounts these." Instead, asking techs who know this stuff, what if I drilled new holes, plugged the old ones, would the binding and ski still operate happily? Or are the footprints too dissimilar to make it realistic, regardless of re-drilling?

And if the footprints are too different, would it work to just unscrew the whole plate and start with a new one (I have several Tyrolia plates and a Vist).

Many thanks for the ideas. 
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 I bucked this trend a few years ago by putting a Salomon Driver on an Atomic "plate" system.

The Blizzard IQ with a 37mm interface does not lend itself to a different binding. Now, the 51mm IQ Max with a Slider plate welcomes ANY binding, in fact Blizzard encourages it. K2 is a different story, their skis that ARE system oriented (they do offer some skis flat) will not allow any other binding. I will let others bring some more to the table regarding otehr ski/binding combos. 
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 I think the 51mm IQ with blank plate is about the only case where you can mount what you want.  Almost all the other integrated systems I have seen are pretty much set up around a very specific binding.  For instance, the Dynastar Fluid systems are fitted for the PX, RailFlex for the LD-12, etc.  They are not really "plate" systems, more like rail systems.
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I work in a shop (have for many years) I have seen all kind of things done with binding mounts. As far as taking off one plate and putting on the one you want to use. yep go for it, as long as it lays flat. Now some rail systems can not takedifferent bindings (some can), I have taken plates from one ski ie.atomic and put it on other skis with some reshaping .
NO  issues.
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Kind of depends on the kind of binding system it is.  I have pulled several of the Rossignol plates off, and just mounted a-la-carte bindings, also it is fairly easy to pull the Railflex plates off, and mount the binding of your choice.  The Volkl and Nordica systems and some of the K2 systems require the use of the system binding. 

Ski industry propaganda tells us that the ski/binding systems is designed together for optimal performance.  Reality is that this is only true sometimes, but for the most part, it is just ski companies forcing you into buying their bindings.  Truely, a hostage plate situation.  This is just so typical of the ski industry, a gimick, with marketing hype to sell more stuff - most of it is crap!   Damn Salomon for starting it all with their Pilot system.  IMO, the death of systems couldn't come too soon. 
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