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Not sure if you will be able to access it through this link but here it is:

(Primarily an interview with Greg Whitehouse of California Ski Co in Berkeley, CA)

Greg is betting that next season will come close to matching this year's "bonanza" and he is spending accordingly ordering for next year.  He compares it to gambling since he needs to order in March to get the discounts needed to survive and compete.  He intends to increase his inventory by 15% "hoping that new customers, a gradually improving economy and a new crop of 'rocker skis' for skiing powder will help him build on this winter's success."

"At the ski conference, Mr. Whitehouse found it easier than in past years to gain concessions from equipment vendors, who also are struggling under economic pressure. He says he was able to place some orders without immediately committing money, a change from the past when vendors demanded that he close the deal at the show". . . "Mr. Whitehouse last week received a shipment of Head skis and other equipment he bought from overstock sales. The gear is from this season but he will display it in the fall, in hopes of undercutting new, full-price equipment at other shops. "That gives me some serious ammunition to get me started next year,"