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 On the plus side, the earth also tilts.

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Way long ago in my misspent youth, while going to "school" in SLC saw a poster that changed my life (and darned near killed me as time went by).   
Pic of a guy getting down in a kayak the statement was. "What do you do with the snow when it melts?"

This is still a fitting question.
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Originally Posted by Pine View Post

I take back the regret (in a sense).

I would indeed get nothing done if I could ski all year.

This way there are 3 months of the year that I won't be skiing and will just be working out and getting everything non-skiing related out of my system.

Same here. During ski season I'm stealing away so much and flexing my time at work so much I feel like a flake. Having an off season means I can keep my job, my marriage, and other hobbies. :)

Though now we're in the awkward season where the mt bike tracks AND ski hills are closed due to conditions. Running season I guess!
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I'm already looking at gear I don't need like I do all off season..  meant to post this in the cheap ski deal thread but fits here to due to the circumstances..Saw some used  Elan GSX 188 cm with demo bindings on skibay yesterday but I didn't get home in time to snipe them up.  They sat unclaimed for $125.00 adding another $40.00 shipping.   I don't have the cash and already have three pair of GS skis but I might have bought them anyway for $165.00 stone ground, filed, waxed, and delivered..
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