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Looking for advice on rock skis

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I need some rock skis and am looking for suggestions. I'm currently looking at K2 Extremes but still undecided. I want mid to high-end twin tips (partial twin tip is acceptable), fairly flexible, good edges, and versatile. I ski pretty much everything so I want something that's good for groomers, chutes, trees, moguls, slush, and everything else. Preferably something that's available in the 160-170cm range. Thanks.


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 rock skis are skis that are going to get beat up so why dont you get some used skis?
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I likely will but I'm still undecided on what model to go with. Maybe saying "new" was confusing; I meant that I need another pair because my current pair is too short and low end.
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That's funny.  You said "new" and "rock skis" in the same sentence!  By definition, as soon as your skis become rock skis, they won't be new any longer!

All joking aside, I guess i'd say all my skis are rock skis, since I don't avoid thin or rocky areas depending on what I have strapped to my feet on a particular day... That's not to say I intentionally seek out a core shot or go diving into an area that is completely devoid of snow, but at the same time, I don't have a coronary when I happen to run my bases over rocks or an occasional log.

If you want something that covers all terrain and all conditions, pick out a used ski on ebay, maybe a Mantra or Gotama, and be willing to buy a ski that has some vertical already rung up on it.  No real sense in buying something new if you intend to get silly with it anyway!
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Sorry for the confusion, by "new" I didn't mean never used; I meant something to replace my current rock skis. Used is fine. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Pick a width and length, and be willing to buy anything that is a good deal then!
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Rock-skis are the skis you would probably throw away or make into lawn furniture but you keep around for early and late season where there is nearly as much gravel as there is snow.......dont over-think this.
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