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 Back home now (sort of) in West Palm Beach  .  .  . and already missing the mountains and snow of Smugglers' Notch. In truth, I will never believe that I've had enough of teaching and skiing. 

That said, I will be offering a number of clothing items for sale because I have too many and don't get to use them in the current context of my skiing, mostly teaching full time at Smuggs. I either wore the Smugglers' Notch uniform (a really great Helly Hansen shell) or my Mountain Hardware shell. Therefore, the Bogner jacket and pants will be permanently retired, along with a few other do-dads. More on this great opportunity in another thread, later.
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Oh you Snowbird you!
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Samson got a hair cut. 

Dang, Obes.   I wish I were your size.    Although, I've lost nearly 10 pounds already from working and not having an appetite.  Whee!  Goal is to lose 40 pounds total.  Only 30 to go! 
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