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Head Standards

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At a garage sale last year, I bought an old
pair of Head Standards that were in amazingly
good shape. I had remembered these black
beauties from my high school days as being
the finest ride to ever hit the snow. I cleaned them up and took them to the hill this past winter. WOW.........what a graphic
way to experience just how much ski technology has improved -- these things are
really dogs (and they were considered "break-through" technology for their day). Anybody
else out there been experimenting with really old equipment?
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hope this doesn't seem a digression from your topic. i've been skiing only a few years and so have only experienced "shaped" skis. but as i keep an eye out for old classics to mount on the wall i also wonder what they'd be like to ski. the two pairs i do have are 80's era slalom skis actually used to race, and both pairs in almost flawless condition, 200+cm's. i've been asked here "why in the hell would you want to do that?"
simple curiosity. sure are cool lookin' though. <FONT size="1">

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sorry, but HOW did they "suck"? specifics?

- a neophyte
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Yup, I had a couple pairs of Pre's. They were the rage at SV for a long time (and a
great ski).

I started skiing as part of a school program in Idaho in the early 60's. The rental equipment we used was leather boots, wooden
skis and cable bindings. Really "advanced" students could usually do a stem turn by the
end of the first year's lessons. Seems unreal -- today, I can often get a student
doing a decent wide-track parallel turn in
one three hour session.
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Those old Heads aren't dogs....... you just have to use the proper technique!

Hopping like a f'ing bunny helps.... weighting and unweighting along with a very specific pole plant was the key!
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Oh..........I could ski them alright......they were just more work than fun. By comparison, today's equipment damn
near skis itself!
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I have a pair of 210 standards (with the small type/logo) and a pair of 203 Killy SL's. They sit in a corner of the garage and I swear that sometimes I hear em whisper..... "come on, just one more time"..

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Not so much that they were terribly old, but my (kind of old) Dynastar 201cm bump skis seemed to impress a bunch of the locals at Alta when I was there for a few days and they got 3 feet of snow.

They were probably just enjoying watching me break trail through thigh deep pow with skinny bump skis. That would explain why they were all laughing too...

(Those skis did take care of me for a few seasons though, as I'm sure many of your older boards did too.)
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Does anyone remember the difference between a p-tex base and the "ko-fix" base?
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Last season I took a pair of 1978 207cm Rossi. STs out on an icy day. These skis are in great shape since they have hardly been skied on. They were considered one of the top ice skis in their day. I couldn't believe how chattery they were. Fighting to keep the edges in contact with the snow/ice really took a lot of effort and energy.

I also have a pair of 1972 racing stock 223cm Rossi Descentes I take out each year. They are heavy and a pure joy at high speeds (as long as you don't have to make any quick turns).
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223cm! what are you about 6'10" Rio?
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JW -

That model was Rossi's downhill racing ski. Talk about a stable ski even compared to later downhill skis I have tried. I got them from a friend in the 70s mainly for skiing at Mt. Bachelor in the spring where we'd take cruiser runs down Cliff Hanger and other straight, rolling runs. They are fairly easy to turn as long as you don't need to turn too quickly. They have some 1979 Look N77 bindings on them and if you ever want to take them for a cruise at Big Sky let me know....they're perfect for Calamity Jane.
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Cool. Mount up Head Standards with an old pair of Marker Rotomats. Boots... hmmm. Maybe 1st generation Rosemont or the old Black Lange with the blue flo liner? Thick wool socks worn outside the black stretch pants. Icelandic sweater with matching head band. Dig out the old Vuarnets and I'm retro and ready to go. Hop turns only please.
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Henke buckle boots! (these were the first leather boots to use buckles instead of laces)

Gee, you saying my stretch pants and Vaurnets
are a bit dated -- even in Idaho?
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Pierre eh? sez:
GeoffD, You can keep the Marker Explodamats.

Ok. Then it has to be Cubco. Good skiers don't need no stinkin' elasticity and the plates on the boots make really cool sparks when you walk on pavement.

Don't forget the leather long thong runaway straps.
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Nothing like having a whirling machete to contend with when you wipe out.

Those were the good old days.
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I was just looking a my old pair of rotomats today - sitting in a dust bucket in the garage. One thing is they are incredibly light - the whole set wieghs less than 1 heel piece of my look p8's.

As for old skis - I will still ski my old kastle cpm's (the rotomats were the original binding on them)if my other equipment breaks. Last time I skied them was in sicide chute discussed in the forum last year.
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Oh No! Those 223's sound like the pair I bought in Bend and sold. Do you remember who sold you those Dynastar's? They where white with blue and red logo's and black look-nevada's. Nearly kilt myself on those freight trains. Still have sh$@ load of old skis in the barn. Some I even ski. All skis work in the powder. Skied some 207 Dynamic VR17 last year and well they don't make'm like they use to. Don't ski faster than your magic.
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Pierre eh? sez:
GeoffD, the Cubcos just didn't cut it for lateral control. They were not much better than the cable bindings for that. The Cubcos were only more convienent. Man I would jump at least to the Salamon 222's.

Cubcos don't cut it for just about anything. Probably the worst retention characteristics ever. I doubt anybody ever blew an ACL on 'em, though. I like early generation Look-Nevada better than the early Salomon. With reeeeallly long long thongs.

I suppose the ultimate 70's setup would be Olin Mark IV with Burt Bindings. You'd need to ski 'em with that old "Astraltunes" cassette player strapped to your back with 'Dead Europe '72 feeding into the headphones. That was the hot trustafarian setup back then.
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Hey Pierre eh?
So Mark IV's and Burt Bindings? Sorry you spent the trust fund. Were you "Saturday Night Fever" with the gold coke spoon and white lesiure suit or "Grateful Dead" and flannel shirt? Nevermind... nobody'd admit to owning a Travolta suit.

I had a pair of Hanson Avanti's in the 70's... the waxed fit even. I used to have to spray them with a shot of Silicon spray to get 'em on. The worked OK for a Rock Hudson (rear entry) boot. If you turned their "Hanson" logo upside-down. It looked like it said UoSUCK. The best thing about that boot was the top bale would shear before you ripped out an ACL. I discovered that very beneficial feature when I replaced 'em with the Lange Banshee.
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My second pair of skis were Head Standards, so I just had to reply to this thread. Cubco bindings with Dolomite boots (later Henke foam).
Today we talk about skis "chattering", on crud or uneven hardpack; those things didn't chatter, they sang operatic duets. And the odd thing was, I thought that was so cool! I get nostalgic for them, but I don't think I would strap them on again on a dare.<FONT size="1">

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Pierre eh?

Just to be clear. The tongue-in-cheek doesn't always come out properly on the internet. I was kiddin' ya about being a trust fund kid. In those years, I used to work in a shop drilling, tuning, and fitting never-nevers in rental gear to feed my equipment habit. Pro form as a ski shop employee is a wonderful thing.

Geoff (a former Cubco user as a young'n)
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I've got some Head Standards available. PM if interested. 

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Originally Posted by Vintageski808 View Post

I've got some Head Standards available. PM if interested. 

Do you realize this thread is 14 years old?
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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

Originally Posted by Vintageski808 View Post

I've got some Head Standards available. PM if interested. 

Do you realize this thread is 14 years old?

Possible new record?????!!!
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Sheeesh!  Don't give people ideas.

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I thought this was a bump for Retro Thursday?


I busted my only pair of Head Standards.  Ski swap specials I got in 1974; I think I only made about 3 runs on them and snapped one off a jump right below the Head logo.

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We've had some serious bumps recently. How much does the server hold, I wonder. Do we have accessible threads from the 90's? 


My Standards left my buddy's roof rack while doing 70 on the interstate. Nice pattern of sparks in the rear view mirror as they came apart. 

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