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Snowbird March 8th

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I took a quick trip to Utah Sunday-Tuesday. Here are a few pictures from Snowbird that I thought worthwhile enough to post.

This picture has just the right light and captures almost the complete village at Snowbird.  Missing is the Creekside daylodge. Up the road is Alta. 

Another building picture, but his one is even better yet. The Cliff Lodge.

This is about 1/3rd of Little Cloud Bowl.  Scenery and skiing doesn't get any better than this.

My daughter checks things out before we head down the spiny ridge of the Cirque Traverse. 

The above bowl is big, as you can see as she makes her way down the Middle Cirque - above right in the picture above.
Gad Valley shot, note tram in upper left, rising over the bottom of the Cirque ridge.
The Tunnel at the Bird, which takes you to Mineral Basin.
Mineral Basin pic, showing the beginner/intermediate terrain accessed by High Baldy. 
My companions for 3 days.  My daughter and friend Alex. Alex is very strong skier, Amber is a tremendous "good sport", willing to follow wherever gravity takes us. 
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Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. You're getting me totally stoked to be at Snowbird in April with my wife. First time for both of us.
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Yup, those pictures are worth posting.

Thanks for the post.
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Good pics! Your talent for photography is almost as good as your ability to write a wiki on some of the goods to be had at Snowbird.    Glad you didn't give away all of the secrets.
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Looks like you have a little bit better coverage now than we did a few weeks ago when we visited.
The Cirque was nice and the snow was good, it was just the spiny ridge that caused havoc to the tune on my beloved Kastles. 
Glad you got out to enjoy some turns with your daughter!
 My daughter checks things out before we head down the spiny ridge of the Cirque Traverse. 
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Now I'm totally depressed!  Trip to Little Cottonwood - Over.  Trip to Gore - Over.  Day Trips- Over.

Fantastic 2010 Ski Season - Over!

I'm ready to jump out the first floor window!

Great Pics!
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Took the quickest trip ever, 2 nts from Pa, but had free tix and I got my fix.  Thanks to Delta/AmEx, was even able to get three 32K tix during spring break.  And they are the only card that is free for 1st year.  I usually keep mine for about 7 months.  Left the house at 3am and was on Collins Lift at Alta at noon, which included lunch (airport sbarro), long rental car wait, LiftHouse for tix and snowbird shuffle in parking lot.  Caught the last Collins at 4:28 so I had a full day of skiing.  Funny, my daughter, Lehigh U gal, knew a fellow student was out in SLC and we happened to sit next to him at Alf's lodge during a break. 

Day 2 got plenty of vertical at the Bird.  I have been out there many times for past 25 yrs and am always in AWE of the place.  I am always amazed at the amount of skiing and the great conditions I always seem to have, even though only have powder ever couple(4?) of trips.  But, I like to ski different places and Snowbasin is #2 on my list, so we headed over there for day 3.  Of Course, they got 2" while Snowbird got 9" that day.  That has happened to me more than once.  SB started yucky with frozen crud.  While the day before at Snowbird the snow was perfect, at SB it was melting.  So we stayed on the north sides of the spines and it warmed up and the snow got a nice spring feel to it.  But, before that happened, we took a tram and the tram boy told us NoName always had the best snow, duh, the first 200ft of vert was nice, but after that it was 1500 feet of frozen get me out of here crud to navigate.  

Planned on being at the car at 2pm to catch 5pm EWR flight home, but Delta called and not sure why but turned us into distressed travelers, moved us to 9:30pm(got to ski to 4pm anyway) and 3 flights instead of direct, including 1am packed flight from PHX>ATL.  But they gave us one First Class tix for out troubles, oldest goes First, I slept the entire time so didn't get to enjoy any amenities except the big comfy seat and leg room, which I guess is the main point.  Ended up traveling 14hrs total to get back home to Pa.  Oh well.  SLC is usually completely dependable, got to pay the price occasionally.  

Short trip was completely "worth it", with free airline tix, maybe even worth it with free companion tix, making airfare $200.  I would even go myself, which I never did, but rental car would be hefty then. Does anyone know where the closest hotel on a bus line to mtn is? My buddies once bused from LaQuinta Midvale where I/we stay, and said the ride was too long, I know there are other hotels closer to mtn but La Q is comfy for us and not a hassle with car.

My downhill ski season is over, was out on the xc skis today, have a sloppy foot which will soon be a soggy mess with the rain coming tomorrow.  Looking forward to claiming my booty of 3 nts at the Cliff and 6 lift tix for the Bird Wiki, I was so lucky to be tipped off just when a big snowstorm hit us, canceling all normal activity and putting me completely in the mood to write about skiing.

I hope to get out next year on that 2nd weekend of December, I have 4 successful years where I beat the odds on that weekend.  Have free tix on Continental to Europe and want to get to Chamonix or Verbier,(easy to take train right to and start skiing by noon day of arrival, 7:30a), or even SLC again, but will wait for conditions.  I think freq flyer tix are fairly easy to book at that time, even on short notice.

This video is not the greatest, but it's all I got, for now. The first clip is skiing down Road to Provo in Little Cloud, 2nd is going up the lift and 3rd is a poor representation of the vast, vast Mineral Basin.  MB is said to be 500 acres and so LC has to be about 300 acres.   Personally, I think MB has to be more than 500a.  Where else is there two bowls like that anywhere?  If there is let me know, cause I'm going!

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Isn't this an amazing picture of the Cliff !!!!  That narrow canyon is a freak of nature compared to any resort of that size, because it prohibits development.  Yet some complain about the Cliff??  There has to be a hotel somewhere, one measly hotel(plus the other smaller ones) is a blessing, not something to whine about.  Seriously, until I studied this picture I didn't realize how "quiet" the Snowbird village really is.
This picture really captures the essence of the base, except you can't really see the high peaks.
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Here are a few more pictures.

Alta - Wildcat lift

Doesn't show true size of Little Cloud.  note tiny lift 2/3rds to right.  Steepest section of LC is on left, its' steeper than it looks here.

Looking down Great Scott, about 2500 ft of skiing to the bottom, note Canyon Road and gondola

Road to Provo side of Little Cloud.  Doesn't do justice to true size of bowl. 

Snowbasin.  Porcupine Lift I think?  Good lift but slow, probably the place to be when its' snowing.

note: didn't there used to be a multiple picture uploader with old epicski?  I used Add Image>ImageURL to copy my google photo's which i mass uploaded there with picasa3 and that seemed to work better than uploading these with epicski.  isn't there problems with uploading big pictures, you have to resize them first? by using Add Image>ImageURL I don't have to worry about that. (I would use irfanview but is a pain)
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Nice pictures.  Hope you have a good time at my ski hill.  This sunday will be day number 37 for me up at Snowbird this season.
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