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Nordica HR Pro Burner ski: Has anyone skied them?

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I am interested in the Pro Burner skis. Has anyone skied them?
Funny, the dealer tells me they're great.

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 I have and yes they are. 
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Originally Posted by TrickySr. View Post

I am interested in the Pro Burner skis. Has anyone skied them?
Funny, the dealer tells me they're great.

I have and he's right.

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I own them and they rock!
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Can any of you give more info about this ski?
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It is primarily black with a gold graphic. Comes in 162, 170, 178. Vewy, vewy, nice.

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 I much preferred them over the XBS binding variations, I found the ski to be much livelier and more playful without loosing the control/grip of its system brothers. Dimensions are 128/84/112. I have all sizes in stock for immediate shipping. PM for price. 
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I've been skiing and really enjoying my 176cm Watea 84s since January 2009.
I'm considering going to the HR Burner or Sultan 85 to improve performance in heavier crud conditions.
I know many "bears" have really liked the Sultan 85, do you have a preference in these 3?
Anyone? Anyone?
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Three really good skis, Watea 84 being one end member (really light, quick, and fun - but it comes at a cost - deflection in heavy and a little "skittery" in hard conditions), Sultan being the other (damp, stable, smooth, more of a blaster in crud than a floater, but IMO not terribly quick and fun, more of a serious, "pay attention" ski ).  The Nordica fits right in-between, more power than Watea but easier going than the Sultan.  Very nice balance - great for this waist width.  I highly recommend the Nordica HR Pro Burner for a great everyday driver.  Also great because you can put any binding you want on it.
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Bought these at the end of last season on a close-out sale. Skied them around 20 days this season on all-terrain including bumps - where I really liked them a lot and was frequently drawn to ski them. I generally skied them on softer snow days, although many mornings started off crunchy and they worked just fine then too.

They unfortunately have delaminated all around the binding heel piece of one of the two skis (across the full width of the ski, and about six inches long on the ski). I have just started working with Nordica to try to get them replaced under their "one year from date of purchase" warranty as I'm still just under a year for a couple weeks, and the delam is now bad enough that I'm concerned about skiing on them anymore - even though they're fantastic in Spring snow and I'll be missing them these last days.

It really is a great all-around ski though, and I really have enjoyed skiing them - so hopefully they will get replaced. I will be providing a future update with the outcome of the warranty return.
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I bought the HR Burner and have been skiing them since last season, probably 30 days, because I have several pair of skis. Mine are still in excellent condition and have had no quality problems whatsoever.

I also love the way that the ski, skis. Great in most conditions.

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It's been several weeks and no word yet on whether Nordica is going to replace my under-warranty set of HR Pro Burners that delaminated after only about 20 days of skiing. Only one of my pair delaminated, and it delaminated badly - which makes me think it's a defect. I had the black ones with the copper splotches on it, which was last year's model. I see looking at the current ones on their website that have a somewhat translucent topsheet that a metal plate is now under the topsheet along the entire the boot area. I couldn't see any metal in that area inside mine looking into the wide delamination gap under the topsheet (I could only see wood), so maybe this delamination happened to more than just me and maybe they took corrective action by adding some metal under the binding area.

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I ski the Black/Copper version, no issues with QC, very nice ski. Lively but reasonably smooth except in stiffer conditions, stabile, super easy to maneuver, accepts any and all turn shapes, although at 84 mm clearly prefers more open. Great ski for those fall/spring days when you may face a little of everything, don't want to dedicate yourself to one mission. 


Is this season's clown-threw-up version same construction, though? Chris indicates a plate, and other places I think Phil alluded to the flex being a bit softer. 

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Gotta agree with you Beyond the current version below is fugly, but you can see the metal plate I metioned through the clear parts of the topsheet - too bad it's not all clear though, as that would be an improvement over what's painted on below. My Black with Copper Splotches last year version's topsheet delaminated like 1/8 inch at the worst place since it was the full ski width and 6 inches long on the ski so I could look right inside under the topsheet, and there was just wood under the topsheet.Hot-Rod-Burner.jpg

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This is what my last year's version looks like:Old Burner.jpg

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The odd thing about this year's with the apparent plate is that it looks as if it's asymmetric. The "plate" extends further on one side than the other, yes? Is that real, and if so, is the ski designed to be stiffer on one side than the other? I'm wondering if it's just a metallic ink piece of the graphic on the underside of the topsheet. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Assuming they send me that version to replace mine I can take a closer look in person.


If they don't send me a new set, and send mine back then mine will become shot-skis - and I'll have to figure out a replacement flat ski that's similar to take that spot in my quiver (between my 70mm wide Stockli SX and my 94mm wide Sultans) and that has soft enough tails to be pleasant in bumps.

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I just heard from Nordica that they are going to replace my skis under warranty, with next year's model due out in the fall.

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Here are the replacement skis just sent to me by Nordica - the "Sidecountry Burner" with the same metal insert/plate under the boot/binding area as this year's model (red/blue) but which last year's model (black/copper) didn't have. The new 2012 model also has bright green sidewalls, and a small notch in the middle of the tail for a skin strap/clip. There is also a story printed over the metal insert/plate about traveling to "Hell & Back". They are still in the plastic wrappers which made the pictures come out a little funky...





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I have a new pair, 178 cm, not skied on and mounted with Look NX 11.  Perfect shape just a little too long for me. Email if interested, I will post an ad in few days.

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I skied two days on Nordica's replacement 2012 Side Country Burner iCore (the primarily green ski pictured in post 19 above) which were just mounted. This ski is still a nice playful light ski that's soft enough for all-mountain use and torsionally stiff enough to carve deep trenches on groomers. The 2012 verson now has a little bit of early tip rise (tip rocker) which makes it feel just slightly shorter than the previous version I had (pictured in post 15 above), but the tip rocker doesn't detract in any manner I was able to feel. I took them up to 40 mph in some big carved arcs and they were stable, though this ski is easy to bend into much tighter arcs at moderate speed. They really shine in soft snow but in variable conditions (including icy patches) they were very predictable and fun to ski. There is indeed a small metal plate under the boot now, as confirmed by the binding tech that mounted them.

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