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Spirit in the Skis

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I think many of you are familiar with which is run by one of our esteemed members.

I want to point to an article there which just gives me goosebumps every time I read it.

It's kind of buried in the site and I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention because it is a beautifully written piece and something that everyone ought to read.


ps, I hope I am not out of line here in pointing to this article. I just think it's too good to not be shared.
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That "style" reads rather familiar...
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I really like that article, too. JR didn't write it, but in a lot of ways I think it's pretty representative of her way of thinking and that
great Montana Ranch Lifestyle.
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WV, Great article thanks, and thanks to you know who for writing it.
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JR did too write it! JR was reporting on an extraordinary clinic she took, however, and does understand Sitz's meaning about who is the brains of the bunch.

Thanks for the honorable mention, WV Skier. I am afraid the whole site is "buried" in a layer of dust and needs a good housecleaning. It saddens me to admit that my bricks and mortar need it worse!
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Yes, that is a great article! And in case anyone doesn't know the "difference" between JR and Nolo, I've got to let the cat at least part way out of the bag....

Thanks--"both" of you!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry........I was thinking something else. Of course JR wrote this great
piece. Not only well written mechanically, but
with such an extraordinary passion that could come only from her heart and mind, which are so fiercly dedicated to teaching and this sport!
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I wrote that article a lo-o-ong time ago about the guy who Gonzo raves about on this forum, probably before Gonzo made his acquaintance. In the article I say that Jim had more influence on me than anyone. He has had a profound influence on my skiing and my understanding of teaching, in particular by leading me to read Tom Dorrance ("True Unity: Willing Communication Between Horse and Human") and Ray Hunt ("Think Harmony with Horses"). Jim was a protege of Hunt, who was a protege of Dorrance.

But since then I have had the benefit of other extraordinary coaches, not only on the snow, but through conversations that challenge my assumptions about skiing--Horst Abraham is one prominent influence, as is Weems (where is that guy?), Bob Barnes, Harald Harb, Mermer Blakeslee, and many others who make it their business to think hard about people, psychology, the sport, and the industry.

And you, Sitz, have consistently motivated me to get out of the box, get up on the balcony, and see what's what. Thank you!

And since I'm extending gratitude, I owe a debt to every single brave person who dares to tell it as they see it here on EpicSki. I am a better instructor for it; in fact, I don't understand why more instructors don't "get" EpicSki. It's without a doubt the #1 resource on the Web for instructors too!

P.S. And thanks most of all to our gracious host, AC, and his sensitive sidekick, dchan.

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Great read Nolo! So Nolo and JR are the same person? :
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Why then?
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Why Kima? Why Cunning Linguist? Why nolo? Why not?

(Also, I see that there is already a JR registered to EpicSki...)

[ August 21, 2002, 07:32 AM: Message edited by: nolo ]
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Now I am really confused so Nolo is not the JR that post here? That is what I thought, that you had 2 names that you used here. If they had icon for head spinning I would use it.
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Same person, two handles? Weird.
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To my knowledge nolo only uses one handle here and another on a different site. Some Bears on this site also post on Powder and use a different name.
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Okay, Kima. I'll explain this, if I can. JR on EpicSki is someone else. I am nolo on EpicSki. The initials of my real name are JR. I post as JR on Hyperchange Cafe, which is a site I started to learn about the technology and try my hand at community-building with other ski instructors.

The original reference was to an article I wrote under my real name, which is published at Hyperchange Cafe, where I am known as JR.

Sorry for the confusion, and special apologies to the real JR.
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JR is nolo is HUMBLE. She's quite a coach herself, according to Yoda (Jim Weiss).

Yoda is the BEST thing to happen to my skiing since my very first lift ticket.

Oh, and at 63 years old, Yoda shreds better/faster than many folks 1/3 his age. He's not a superhucking Poutermag picture star, nor does he want to be. But he is a phenomenal skier, powerful and effortless. I've never seen him breathe heavily, not even after a fast run through powder or moguls.

I am indeed the luckiest skier in this Forum, all because of my work and friendship with Yoda. He is even better in person than nolo has accurately described him -- because of his intangible qualities and his easy manner.
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Gotcha Nolo. Thanks for clearing it up.
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C'mon Gonz, admit it. You just like him 'cause he lets ya wrassle with his pigs.
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dang double post. SORRY.

[ August 21, 2002, 02:59 PM: Message edited by: gonzostrike ]
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Thanks, Gonzo. I'd have to say Jim is a paradox: easygoing, yes, challenging and relentless, yes. You are lucky and deserving. Ryan, I cannot over-emphasize the gravity of the insult felt by a cattleman on being referred to as a pork producer. (Any meat that has to compare itself to chicken to find a market is just pathetic.)
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