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Hi, brand new here and hoping to get some opinions on these older Atomics.  I've read some (though not a lot) of information on the SX:B5s, which I currently have and use.  All of this information has been old, though, and I'm wondering what the current consensus is on these skis?  Do folks still consider them pretty exciting?  Alternatively, are they getting a little "long in the tooth"?

I bought them recently because I was looking for a ski that would help me to start skiing more aggressively by making me feel better supported / more stable at speed.  My goal at the moment is to really clean up and speed up my carving -- and hoping to enter the category of "extreme" sooner or later.  (Is that a lame term?  I don't even know...  But, you know what I'm getting at, I assume.)

The SX:B5s certainly instill confidence, and I love them for it.  But, they're a lot of work(!)  (I really didn't even know what that meant until I clicked into these...)  Since I like them so much, but may want to take it a little easier on myself at times, should I consider picking up a pair of the SX:9s for a similar but more forgiving experience?  Neither of these is very expensive, obviously, so I could afford to do both without a lot of financial distress.

It seems to me that, although these skis are several years old, they still WORK.  And I'm obviously not that concerned with having the very latest.  But, am I missing something important here?  Have five years of technological improvements made these models more or less obsolete?

Thanks for any thoughts / advice...