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is vail resorts corrupt?

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I just looked at skiing books in my local library (was searching for the book by Harb, that I just posted about) and saw the following book
Format: Book
Author: Glick, Daniel.
Title: Powder burn : arson, money, and mystery on Vail Mountain / Daniel Glick.
Edition: 1st ed.
Publisher, Date: New York : PublicAffairs, c2001.
Description: xvi, 269 p. : ill., map ; 25 cm.
Subject: Arson investigation -- Colorado -- Vail.
  Ski resorts -- Colorado -- Vail -- Corrupt practices.
  Environmentalism -- Colorado -- Vail.
  Deep ecology -- Colorado -- Vail.
  Tourism -- Economic aspects -- Colorado -- Vail.
  Vail (Colo.) -- Economic conditions.
  Vail (Colo.) -- Environmental conditions.
  Includes index.
  Map on endpapers.

How credible is this?
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Sounds like the story about when the "tree huggers" torched (what is now) Two Elk  and lift shacks on Vail Mountain several years ago.
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 I read the book and didn't come away from it feeling that the environmentalists were the culprits.  Many possibilities were discussed including Vail Resorts doing it for the insurance so they could build a bigger Two Elk (which they were not allowed to do):  Minturn Fire Dept doing it over a battle over water rights; and others.

We'll never know who did it, but the book really made the "conventional wisdom" seem wrong.
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 Sounds like the kind of fiction Ahmadjinedad would come up with once he gets done de-bunking the Holocaust and 9/11.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post

We'll never know who did it, but the book really made the "conventional wisdom" seem wrong.

There was an arrest made last year or the year before when somebody found an old discarded gas can in the woods that had prints on it.  I can't remember what the results were (or if there are any yet) legally. 
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In fact, the FBI has made several arrests in this case! One of the suspects even committed suicide while in jail, so as not to be forced to squeal on his co-conspirators.
It has taken a very long time for the FBI to infiltrate the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) which claimed responsibility right from the beginning. But as they do operate along terrorist guidelines, they were made up of small cells, with minimal contact between each.
The investigation is still on going.
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I hope they find these "idiots" and throw in jail for a long long time. My math is very simple and arguably very biased, but if you take all the National Forest acerage that has lift serviced skiing and divide it by the total acerage, I have to believe we're talking about next to nothing percentage wise and its environmental impact is negligible.

When ranking compromises to the environment I have a hard time buying into ski resorts making a significant impact. So what did they accomplish after buring down Two Elk? More trees had to be cut down somewhere to rebuild the building. IMHO they should have made added another level so it could seat as many people that show up there at peak times!
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