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I have been on my Dobermann 150s for the past 3 seasons. They have been nothing short of flawless but are getting a little tired and starting to crack around the toe dams. While they still have some life left, I am starting to think about a replacement.

I am no longer racing but really enjoy the fit. My ideal replacement is slightly softer without being too soft, and finding a deal will be a factor.

Based on the following options I have seen on the internet, how do these stack up as a slightly softer replacement for somebody who has found success in Dobermanns?

- Atomic RT TI XS - fit will definitely work but will I find them too soft?
- Lange RL11 ZB/ZB - too roomy in the instep? How is the ZB flex compared to my 150 Dobermanns?
- Lange RL 12 Sharknose ZB/ZB - this model has been discontinued after a season. How bad are they? How does fit compare to my Dobermanns?

What are some other viable options if I don't go Nordica?