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Please help to see if my binding plate broken

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Here're the base plates of the Neox 412 binding that came with my new Atomic skis.


The little plastic piece highlighted is broken.

Do I need to ask vendor for a replacement?  Or that thing doesn't hold any load and therefore doesn't matter at all?

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 that is where the central/forward insert is housed.  I do not think there is any need to worry, but I would double check to make sure the central/forward insert doesn't clip into it (but just rests there and uses the screw to hold it in place)
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Thanks.  Saw it, it's where the cap clips.  Maybe I'll use some clue to put it back in place.

BTW, the instruction does not mention "3. You must adjust toeheight with .5mm gap under your boottoe." said by Atomicman in the following thread, and discussed many times elsewhere.


Is this still a necessary step or various by ski and plate?  I have Metron 11 B5c.

With instruction manual, all the discussions, illustrations and an existing pair of skis as reference, it's too silly to spend $70 on the job.  Got to figure this out myself.

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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the .5 mm gap is refering to a height adjustment on the toe lug (because people walk on pavement in their ski boots and wear them down) to make sure there isn't excessive vertical movement
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Thank you very much. 

Just need to get my hands on a Pozi #3 and I'll be all set ... ... for next year
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Trying to fix it with super glue.  The package says "do not use on polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, glass and glassware; foam rubber or cloth."

Anyone know what kind of plastic typically used in ski binding?  Thanks.
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if these are new and came this way, you may as try and get it replaced.  worst whomever you bought these from would sayno. 
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I think I bought the last pair anywhere USA, probably the manufacture doesn't have 06 model spare parts either.

According to the all-mighty google, polyethylene is plastic bag, so no worry there.  Polypropylenehas various uses, not sure if it includes ski binding parts.  This particular piece does not hold any stress, so I wouldn't worry if the glue fails.  But I have used some home made plastic glue before that melts plastic in order to fuse them together.  Don't want that happens.  Anyone got some ideas?
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just use a touch of epoxy
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