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Instructor Reccomendations at Sugarloaf

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Hate asking something like this because it's been asked a million times but finding anything up to date seems to be tough (found suggestions from 01 though!).

Heading to Sugarloaf in a couple weeks and considering private lessons for the wife. She's two days out of being a never ever. Pretty much still on the bunny hill. She does well enough but had a rough knee popping backwards fall to end her first day which has left her hesitant of skiing since (scared crapless may be a better term). I'm thinking a 2-3 hour one on one (if she's up for it!) would do wonders for her confidence and enjoyment of the trip. Also we all know teaching our spouse Skiing (or Paddling, Golf, and Stick Shift) can be a marriage limiting move so I'd like to remove myself from the equation. =D

But the problem is I have no idea who's a good instructor at Sugarloaf! Man or woman would be fine, just have to be great. I've had instructors who made me not like skiing that day (which is saying a lot) and her being stuck with a bad one might mean she'll never want to touch skiing again. =P

So I turn to you guys, who would you guys suggest for helping someone go from skittish -> silly grin?
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May not be the best forum for this question? A little ambiguous as to where these are best placed (Instruction, Resorts, General?)
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ask for rocky or gary, set up a private or take afternoon group,many times you will be the only one in class
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maybe she would be more comfortable with XC - lower impact - easier on the knees and great cardio workout - once she gets used to that, and the whole sliding thing, maybe --- gently--- ask if she wants to try Alpine?


You didn't say how she for hurt - slow twisting fall & bad rental bindings didn't release? Important to know - to me anyway - best wishes!

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The trouble with XC is that the combination of a thinner platform to balance on and a less supportive boot can be pretty scary to a newcomer. More scary than just the "I can't control my speed with my feet" sensation of alpine gliding.

IMO bnferg is on a good track; and I think more than one day of instruction might be worthwhile. IMO and HMMV, of course. smile.gif
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Just an update to this thread. She had a lesson with Lanni (by way of some of the Alpinezone guys) last year and it went amazingly well. From fear to wanting to being sad the day was over. She/we had a great time.


We just got back from our second (longer) trip to Sugarloaf and another two hour lesson with Lanni and she's now craving more skiing and had a great time during our trip. She said the man is a miracle worker - I have to agree. Went from bunny hill to Wiffletree and wanting much more. Fantastic stuff.


Nearly got myself a lesson with Matt Tinker who I hear is amazing too. Maybe next year. :)

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