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boot flex

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Hi, I posted this over in the ski gear discussion thread, but maybe I should have put it here. (?)  Sorry for duplication.

Question about boot flex: how exactly does one know if the flex in their boots is right?  I understand the generalities that stiffer flex provides more power and precision up to a point, but when is too much too much?  I just went from a Rossi Power 9.3, flex maybe 90-100, up to a Head Vector 120, flex 120,  b/c it's the boot that we could best fit for me.  Of course it can be softened, but I don't want to go down that road too soon.  I have yet to ski these extensively, but I'm interested in how I might start thinking about whether flex is right or not.
How does one know flex is right?  

How does one know flex is too stiff?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of stiffer flex?


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best to try on a really soft boot, then a really stiff boot as most of this is a feel thing.

too soft = you can hold your leg flexed in any position,  upright, or all the way forward.   hard to steer the skis due to no pressure being transferred to the skis tips.

too stiff,   no ability to flex your ankle, so hard to absorb terrain changes (bumps) and hard to change the edge pressure/turn shape.

If you mnt bike at all, similar things if you bikes suspension is too stiff (get bounced around) or too soft (bottom it out all the time)

a general idea, is you should be able to flex the boot to its max range, in store.   if you can flex your ankle, so that your knee is over/past  your toes, you should be just able to do that instore

This is badly written, and I'm sure someone can come up with a better answer
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