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This past weekend I had an opportunity to try both next year Race stock Slalom skis - a Rossignol and a Head each 165 cm.  Was very nice to have a fellow coach with exact same size boot sole.

First off.  I loved the head Worldcup iSL RD.  Is like having springs on your feet.

We then switched.  The Rossi feels very stiff by comparison while both hold extremely well.  It felt like the base bevel on the Rossi was less than the Head with both at factory tune.  The Rossignol was a more demanding ski and harder to ski at lower speeds - however once you got going there was a LOT of pop in the ski.  By comparison the Head was more versatile at lower skis but did not feel quite as stiff. 

Both skis would reward with a lot of rebound out of a turn and were an awful lot of fun.  They have two distinct personalities while both being designed for the same purpose.  Of the two both my Rossi friend and myself found the Rossi more demanding and the Head more forgiving.  Both were a whole lot of fun.  getting this much rebound from a ski on every turn has made me a fan of Slalom skis all over again.