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boot flex

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Question about boot flex: how exactly does one know if the flex in their boots is right?  I understand the generalities that stiffer flex provides more power and precision up to a point, but when is too much too much?  I just went from a Rossi Power 9.3, flex maybe 90-100, up to a Head Vector 120, flex 120,  b/c it's the boot that we could best fit for me.  Of course it can be softened, but I don't want to go down that road too soon.  I have yet to ski these extensively, but I'm interested in how I might start thinking about whether flex is right or not.
How does one know flex is right?  

How does one know flex is too stiff?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of stiffer flex?


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Answers?  Attempts at answers?
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Tell us how you feel in your new boots. How do they compare to your previous boots? How do you ski? Do you have issues with your skiing?

Too stiff will make you feel like your skis are whipping and throwing you around because they, as levers, have too much control over your lower leg. Kind of like riding a bucking bronco.

Too soft will feel like you can fall over forward when you ski, also as though you have to use all your strength just to get control of the skis. Like trying to ski in sneakers.

Stiffer generally equates to more control until you can't flex enough to manage your stance and a bit less comfort. Softer equates to less control and more comfort. Most boots will be laterally stiff enough, it is the foreward flex that is affected the most by changing to a stiffer or softer boot. As we all know, pressure on the forebody of the ski is the key to getting skis to perform and we get it there mainly through pressuring the tongue of the boot and getting our COM forward (at least not back).
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