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Help with Volkl 5 Stars

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Hi all, first post. I skeed about 10 times in the 2008 season. I tried several rental skiis. I loved the Volkl 5 Stars and resolved to buy some. I'm looking for used ones like this:
I'm about to live in northern NM for a year and I'm hoping to find some 2006s or other year that is the same as the 2006s. No luck on 2006s on Ebay yet, and I wonder if anybody has advice on what other years would be the same as the 2006s?

Also, what length should I get? 6', 235 lbs. I ski all parts of our mountain at Ruidoso, NM. Not the biggest mountain around but I want skiis that will still be useful as I get better. I like carving long fast lines in steep powder runs, but want to be able to handle more difficult sections as well as moguls.

Finally, can anybody tell me how to get email notification of replies to threads? Can't find it. Thanks.

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to change email preferences, go to you profile http://www.epicski.com/user/river251 and click on Edit Account Details link in the upper right.   Also, you should subscribe to threads automatically, so they show up on your Home Page.

I liked those skis too.  For a 5-star at your height and weight the 168 would be good for an intermediate skier, but short if you really like speed.  My guess is the 168 is what you tried and liked.   It would do no harm at all getting the next size up at 172 or 174 I believe.  I think the 5-Stars are a great ski that will teach you to use your edges and can really respond to input.  They are a front-side ski with a 68 mm waist width, and a blast to carve trenches into groomers, but not a very versatile choice if you want to include off-piste skiing on a Western mountain.   Don't get me wrong, I have skied in deep snow with the 6-Stars, but they wouldn't be the tool of first-choice.
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River251, take a look at pink bike. I saw a pair there this morning when looking for some for my husband. You can't go wrong with Volkls. Just make sure they are long enough. Great all-mountain ski"
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