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Swix T75 iron or Toko T8 iron?

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I am looking for a ski iron and both irons are about the same price.  Does anyone have a preference?

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 The T8 looks like it has a better plate to hold a more constant temp, however, most wax temps are listed in C but the Toko appears (from a quick look online) where as the Swix will be in C.  However, from a quick look online, the T8 looks to be much more expensive than the T75 (we sell the T75 in my shop at $40 regularly, $32 right now, and looking online the T8 appears to retail for $89 and selling in the $50's)
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The Toko Iron is nice and affordable, Swix is soso.
I work usually with Toko, Bravo and Holmenkol.

In any case it is worth to spend  some extra bugs and you are fine for at least 3 seasons.
Better quality is needed to keep the temperature of the heating plate constant. With a cheap iron you mess with the wax, lots of smoke and there you loose actually the money in burning down the wax.

Bravo is the State of the Art Iron, but almost impossible to get for the US Market. (120V), (Manufacturer:Skiman Italy)
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