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Salomon Shogun vs Line Prophet 100 vs ?

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Hello all,

There are so many good reviews on the above skis and thank you all for them!  I know I appreciate them - maybe you could go over to roadbikereview.com and help some people write reviews there...

Me: just shy of 6'2"; 225#, I would rate myself a solid 8 and still improving.  I'm looking for a truly all mountain ski that can handle anything on the resort from top to bottom - perfect to crappy conditions.  I don't find myself in the backcountry much just because don't have the time and not that good.  Pretty much ski only in Colorado.  I currently have Salomon X-Wing Furys but are extremely soft and feels like a wave is going through my ski at all times. 

I believe the two above fit the bill but just wanted to put it out there for a vote with people that know a lot about these particular skis.  Also, if there is something in the mix that I should consider, please add.

Thanks all, I appreciate it!
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I just got through making a similar selection between these two skis, the Gotamas and the Watea 100s.  I think you'll find that the Line Propeht 100 is a slightly better all-mountain ski.  It has a traditional camber and a decent sidecut for good turning radius.  The employees at the local ski shops all rave about them from their own demo experience. 

The Salomon Shogun is more of 1/2 rocker design in the front.  It's design should make it a better all-mountain ski than the Goats(full rocker), but the tips are likely to be a little less stable than Prophet 100s on piste.  However, assuming like sizing and and like binding mount position, you'll likely get just a little more float out of the Shogun than the Prophet 100 in the pow.

Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with either.  One thing to consider is that longest Prophet is 186cm, but you can get the shogun in 191 cm.  For your height/weight, that might be a better size.
I'm sure owners of the other skis could argue the "all-moutain'ness" of the other skis above.  For instance, some might say the Gotama is great since it's pre-flexed for turning.  It's different though...  For me,  (6'/180lbs) I went with the Line Prophet 100 @ 186cm.
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Hello JimSa,

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.  Sizing - 179 hits me at the bridge of my nose and 186 hits me near the top of my forehead.  I'm currently on 172s - what happens when I go to the larger sizes?  Out of curiosity, what bindings do you use with your Prophets? 
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I've been told that the rule of thumb for a powder ski is to start at your normal ski size, add about 10cms, and then start your consideration process.  I believe the reason is two fold.

1.) The twin tips are often a little more pronounced than the average groomer ski. 
2.) In addition to the extra width, the extra length gives a little more float in the pow.

The actual running surface of the Line 186, isn't that much greater than my Vokl AX3 at 177cm.  It seems to run like a ski about ~179.

For bindings, I went with Look Pivots. 
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I have the Line Prophet 100 in 179. It is my go to ski when there is deep new POW(4"-12"). great float in these conditions. The ski is great on piste, very stable with good edge control. Does so so on ice. Many around here ski it as a quiver of 1. My groomer/light POW ski is the 2010 Volkl AC30. My Prophet is also 2010. I find the Prophet to be one of the more fun skis to spend the day on the hill. Great feedback and lively. Nice pop out of quick turns. I did not consider the Solomon, but did consider the Watea 101. I felt the Line had more to give.

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Don't know if it's helpful or not, but I skied what I think is the woman's version of these two skis. The Solomon Geisha and the Line Pandora.


My take:


The Salomon was more all mountain. More forgiving in bumps. would carve a turn on most snow. not as floaty in powder. great, fun ski. stable at jumps (i only do teeny ones)


The Pandora was not so forgiving in hard or skied out bumps but was was better in deep conditions. Wonderful in the trees. easier than the Salomon to swivel really quick turns or speed check in awkward terrain. will carve turns but not so much on real hard pack.


Neither ski liked ice, but the Solomon was slightly better in harder packed snow. The Pandora slightly better in deeper powder. the pandora was 'easier' to pivot, the Salomon to carve.


For what you asked for (all mountain) and Colorado where the truly deep days are not so many, i would opt for the Salomon....

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Very similar skis. Both great in most conditions. The prophet will be slightly more "turny" due to more sidecut and a larger turn radius, but i doubt you will notice much difference. the biggest difference is that the shogun has a bit of tip rocker. After skiing rockered and camber skis all season I can happily say i ski my tip rockered skis much more than my cambered ones. IMO something with tip rocker, but not crazy, and some camber is the ultimate all mtn tool.The shogun is stiffer too. So basically shogun is going to be better at speed and soft snow, but either would be a good ski.


FWIW I would buy the shogun over the prophet personally.I would also look at the Moment Tahoe and Volkl Gotama.

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