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What boot size to get is driving me nuts!!!!!

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 Hey guys:
New to the forums and trying to decide what size boot to get. Background, ski all over the mountain, 24 seasons skiing for at least a week, owned equipment a long time back, now I am tired of renting demos and being disappointed by them. I use a size 9US shoe for everything including sports (tennis, running, etc) but have always been used to shoes fitting big on me. I've then probably ALWAYS skied with bigger boots than needed (probably given a size 26.5 which likely ended up being too big). I measured my foot depending on how you go around the talon it measures anywhere from slightly over 26cm to slightly less than 26cm but not so far down as 25.5cm. Most boots I see are either 26.5 or 25.5 (I know that they are the same as the 25 and 26). My foot is rather narrow too at 99mm. Unfortunately, there r great shops around the area where I can go and have boots fitted. So, basically I am trying to decide which size to get 26.5 or 25.5. Also if I get a 26.5 could a footbed make the boot fit closer to the ideal 26cm.
Sorry for the lengthy email and thanks in advance

PD: I tried some boots at the local TSA: salomons 26.5 seemed to fit just fine (toe brushing the front) but I'm afraid they may pack out. Also when I shell fit (w/o the liner there about 1.5in of space behind the back of my foot. I tried a womens 25.5 and they were rather tight (crammed my toes a little) but the shell fitting was better with about less than an inch behind my foot.
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 So after reading quite a bit it seems that, against my intuition, the 26.5 may be WAY too big for me. Especially considering the shell fitting since my feet were literally dancing within those shells, did not measure the difference but it seemed way more than the 5-10mm recommended. So it seems the right fit for me is actually a 25.5 and I'll have to get used to the new feeling of the boots. Hope this will help anyone in my boots. I just still find it hard to get used to the idea of shell fitting being a nice way to go about this. I am also still getting used to the idea of relatively tight fitting shell (2mm on the sides?!!!) WOW! I was going about this all wrong and for 20+ years of skiing (more than 10 of those underaged though).
Thanks in advance for additional comments and the data posted in this website.
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glad you found out the right answer.

to others: please read the wikis on this site.   will help answer a LOT of your questions
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