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Coach's input into a young student's gear..

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What would you do if you had a student that was being held back because of the skis he/she is skiing. For instance, let's say the student is an 11 to 14 year old female that is skiing on Rossignol 9s Pro 9.9 race skis (slalom w/ the tip deflectors) from a couple of years ago, 150cm. The skis are hand-me-downs from her older brother who is seventeen, who raced on them. The other girls in the program that are of similar skill and size are skiing on junior race skis, in the same length. Her skiing is being affected because she can't flex her skis, she's basically just along for the ride, and although she's a pretty good little skier, the skis are just too much. So do you recommend to her parents that her progress would be greatly aided by a new set of boards? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Rossi 9S on an 11 yr old girl? Wow! Yes, I would take the parents aside and deiscreetly explain to them what the ski is designed for. It is a racing tool for man and women with lots of strength and skill. They most likely weigh 60 to 160 lbs more than the young girl.

While the skis may be short enough, as you have observed, the skis are too stiff. She would be much more effective and happier on a pair of jr skis.

just my opinion,

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Thanks for the reply Jim.. As I figured most people would respond I too think that I should mention something to her parents. I figured it's always better to get a second opinion. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Unless the kid is has the build and weight of a city fire hydrant, it's too much ski.

Most of the J-4's are on 130'ish skis .... the minimum allowable.

Most parents want constructive feedback. Can you arrange to have her try another kids shorter skis?
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I agree way to much ski. Talk to the parents.
An other point to add is that she may ski best on an all mountain ski not a junior race ski. I've got a couple of kids on all mountain skis and won't change a thing with them this year because that is the right ski for them. Remember that just because kids are racing at the junior level doesn't always mean that they should be on race skis. They need to have a ski that allows them to learn how to arc and carve on all terain and if thats and all mountain ski so be it. This is also something that the parents have a hard time understanding and some times it takes a while to drive it through their thick skulls.
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I actually did talk to her father, he thanked me for mentioning it to him. He was totally supportive of my suggestion, and said that he'd get her to ski next training day on her old skis which are 135s.. I'm going to have a look and see if she'll be allright on those, or if she might need to look for something else.. We'll see this Saturday!

Thanks to those who replied..

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