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Bump skis for an old gaper?

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Chances are you won't find what you are looking for to demo. True mogul skis are being made still, but the market is so small that they are not on retailers' walls and therefore not in a demo fleet. Contact a freestyle club and try to get a run on one of their athletes skis.
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You might want to check out a discount sporting goods store for older straight skis that are fairly soft flexing. They are being sold so cheaply now that you can easily buy several pairs. If they have a lot of metal in them and bend, so what. You will have backups.

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I hesitate to recommend true bump skis to anyone except someone focusing on mogul competition. They are very specialized for skiing zipper lines in the moguls and not much else. Most skiers do not use the technique the moguls skis were designed for.

I would recommend you go one of two ways when looking for a ski for the moguls. The first option (which I think is the best) is to get a midfat in a shorter length. I like the Axis X and Bandit XX in moguls. Other options are the Atomic R11 (11.20) & the Dynastar Intuitiv '74. Midfats tend to skid more in moguls than carving skis do. I have found that to be an advantage especially in softer snow. Since most people that used straight skis in moguls skidded them around much of the turn the adjustment to using a midfat is fairly easy. At your size I would look at the 184 cm Bandit XX or 188 cm Axis X.

Your other option is to get a carving ski in a shorter length. Last year I bought a pair of 181 cm. Viper X PPSs for moguls and have been extremely happy with them once I made some adjustments. You have to be careful with short carving ski in steep moguls because they are extremely quick and efficient so you pick up speed really fast. You have to be more diligent with controlling your speed than you would on a midfat or straight ski. I haven't paid attention to which carving skis are good in moguls this year so I can't make any recommendations.
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Bump skis for an old gaper?

I'd like to demo some true mogul skis for once. I just got back into skiing after an 8 year hiatus and used to play around in the bumps on my old White Stars, KVC's, and RD Coyote's. Of course that was almost a decade ago and I'm a bit heavier but still in good shape and still want to spend time in the moguls (test out the insurance yet). I'm currently skiing on 192 Dynastar Skicross 66's. They seem great on the groomed and in the crud for carving and blowing through stuff, but I'm having a tough time with them in the bumps. Of course I'm sure some can be attributed to my layoff, but I used to be a decent (not comp by any means) mogul skier. I sure feel like I've regressed in this area. These skis feel totally different from the old straight slaloms.

Would an actual bump ski help or be more akin to what I used to ski on? Never used to think about it. Just used the slalom ski I had at the time. I'm 5' 11'' and weigh 215 to 220. Any input on length and type of ski would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Also, where in the SLC area would be a good place to demo and/or buy at a good price if I settle on a pair. Looks like they are definately a niche ski and some several year old models are out there for fairly cheap on ebay (seen some K2 Mambas for anywhere from 120-160).

Actually, this whole new (new to me) shaped ski thing has me confused as heck!! I'm going to end up having as many skis as I do flyrods...It sucks to be a gear addict!!
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Thanks for the info. I've seen the racks of older skiis for under 50 bucks but they seem to be the early radically shaped skiis. I'll have to get to Salt Lake and check out some of the bigger stores.

The Dynastar Intuitive 74 has been on my list to demo this year for awhile. Problemo is... WE HAVE NO SNOW!!!!! : : : Nobody is letting thier demos out the door behind Ogden (Snowbasin or Powder Mountain) for very good reason. I've got lines on buying Salomon products and Dynastar products at a good price and wanted to compare some of what they have to what I have (like the Xscream 10 pilot and 1080). I've kind of taken that the XScream is not much different than my Skicross 66's, maybe the same for the Intuitive 71. I wanted something that would feel alot different than my current ski and be better in powder and bumps. My solution was "OK buy some Pocket Rockets for deep stuff (pipe dream this year...deep stuff that is), some 74's for all mountain bombing (unless they would take care of my powder skiing and mogul skiing combined??? The BIG question), and some cheap mogul boards for days of just bumping (but I've never tried the true bumpers)...of course I won't be able to afford anything but top ramen, even with deep discounts on the boards, but what the heck...after 8 years of bad marriage (she hated snow, so she eventually had to go) facing a d three hour drive to the nearest lift I'm just happy to be back in the vicinity of skiing at will.

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[cut and paste from my post on similar thread]

i ski salomon 1080 moguls and LOVE them. however, these, like all competition mogul skis, are zipperline-specific. if you ski a less direct line through the bumps, mogul skis may actually be worse for you than other types of skis. and mogul skis pretty much suck everywhere but in the bumps, although the new-school bump skis are better in this regard than the older designs.

mogul skis typically have soft flexing shovels (to facilitate absorbtion and allow the skis to conform to the snow), minimal sidecut (to minimize unwanted turns), and light, durable construction (they get beat up pretty bad!)

i recommend you stick with a softer all-mountain ski until you become proficient at the zipperline, at which point mogul skis WILL improve your skiing.

[/cut and paste]

with respect to all-mountain skis, i second the vote for the K2 axis x. while (obviously) it's not quite as good as a true competition mogul ski, it is surprisingly good in the bumps.

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Toona -

When you demo take the 74s into the moguls. You might be pleasantly surprised. Except for icy conditions I enjoy my midfats in moguls as much as any skis.
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Best bump ski around. I have em, luv em, and ski freestyle with em...

Dynastar Assault Superior
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