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Tennis Elbow - anyone???

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What's the prognosis?  Anyone else ever have this ailment?  Any exercises I can do?  Put the arm in a sling?  Just looking for personal experiences as I've never had Tennis Elbow before.

My story, I've had this pain in my left elbow for last 10 weeks that I've self diagnosed as Tennis Elbow (I'm right handed).  The interwebs is pretty good with Tennis Elbow diagnostic information.  The injury is the result of trauma, not due to a repetitive motion.  One of two things happened, I was injured in ski crash or I strained it wrestling with the kids in the pool.  All I know is one morning on the Xmas week ski trip I woke up and I was in pain, not debilitating pain, but moderate pain and it doesn't seem to be getting better, much.  Since my arm hasn't fallen off, I've elected to not go to the Dr.  Besides I can see the consultation.  "My arm hurts when I do this." says me.  "Well, don't do that then." says the Dr.  A regimen of Advil helps the pain, but I'm not one to take drugs unless absolutely necessary.  Treat the body like a temple and all that.
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Stop taking Advil.
 Fill a few dozen dixie cups with water and freeze them.
Rub the area with the ice for 5 mins. Do this a few times a day.
While sitting in front of the TV ,massage the area with something forgiving ,like an eraser.
Acupuncture will help tremendously .I had both tennis/golfers elbow,both sides were killing me for over a year. 6 visits to the Acupuncturist plus the above and it was gone.
Also ,Pharmaceutical grade Fish Oil.
As a rule of thumb you should be taking 1/2 gram of EPA/DHA for every 10lbs. body follow my math for a person who weighs 160 lbs:
160 lbs/10= 16 X .5 grams = 8 grams = 8000 mg of epa/dha....
Fish oil is the only anti inflammatory you should ever take.
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you can get a band that goes over the arm just below the elbow that helps hold the tendons in place from moving around, over time the pain will subside, I always wear one now when I play tennis and have not had any problems for 5 years.When  I initially hurt it I would wear the arm band during work and it helped get me thru the day.
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 Get a support for your elbow.  I got one at the local sporting goods store.   It's just a tube of stretchy stuff that you pull on over the arm.  It really helps.

Use the elbow as little as possible.  

Make lemons out of lemonade.  I had first my right, then my left go on me.  I used the opportunity to improve my pole planting technique.  I didn't even realize that I planted very hard when skiing steep bumps.  Now I don't.

My injury was due to repetitive stress and it hurt like nothing else.  It was like someone was jabbing a knife in my elbow each time I moved it wrong.  It took over a year for the right to heal.  The left is healing quicker because I realized what was happening sooner and responded right away, but even so it is taking many months.
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Might be golfers elbow :) depends on the location of the pain.
I have it right now.. really annoying.

one thing I've found interesting: Once healed, apparently you can avoid it reoccuring by strengthening the forearm. And using the strap mentioned above.


but, it's the recovery that takes time.

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When a painful area does not resolve despite rest and anti-inflammatories, you might want to get some help from a trained professional.  As a physical therapist, I know from the research that in some cases, the body tries to heal itself from a soft tissue injury, but it does so in an inferior manner.  The repaired tissue can be mis-aligned and weaker, which leads to continued re-injury and pain.  (When this happens in tendons, it is called "tendinosis").  There are some new treatments being performed that attempt to stimulate healing in these conditions.  One of these is called ASTYM, and it has a 89.8% success rate with tennis elbow.  I'm a tennis player myself and get great results with this fact, I am treating my husband right now.  You may want to check out their website and see if there is someone in your area who is doing the technique.  I have been performing the technique for 4 years and have been getting great results.

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Thanks everyone.  I picked up one of those forearm straps a while ago and it seems to help, but I don't like it squeezing my forearm all the time.  I'm an active person, so I have a real hard time resting the elbow, though I favor it as much as I can.  I'll try some of what's been suggested; ice, up the fish oil intake, ASTYM, mainline Advil .

Thanks again.
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mainline Advil .

Thanks again.

Advil will only prolong your injury.
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I got tennis elbow from hammering countless nails while building a deck at my home.  During one of my many trips to Hilton Head, a tennis pro (and former Davis Cup player) showed me an unusual and simple exercise that cured me.  He had me place a rubber band over the ends of my thumb and fingers and simply spread and close my fingers against the pressure of the rubber band.  In a few days, all the pain was gone.  I stopped wearing the elbow brace, etc.  I continued to do this exercise, even while driving my car.  Hard to believe, but it worked for me.
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