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Newsletter 3/8/2010: What's YOUR Edge of Never? SkiSet Discount! What's New

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What's YOUR Edge of Never?

7d10fcb9_265x265px-LS-0965633845-51l2nejQvQL.jpgEpicSki asked its members to share their own Edge of Never moment to win a dvd of The Edge of Never, A Skier's Story of Life, Death, and Dreams in the World's Most Dangerous Mountains, the film version of Bill Kerig's acclaimed book.  The stories we received in the contest thread exceeded all expectations.   How to pick winners was the dilema. 

The confrontation with heart surgery by "Nobody"? 

Ski=Free conquering the edge, and committing to Corbets Couloir?

Bisimeral coming back and skiing again after recovering from a rare disease that left him a quadriplegic?  

Skiking4 contemplating the backside line  of Mont Fort, a large peak in Verbier, Switzerland; and then retaining a guide and skiing the line.

2061a778_Val Gardena - in helicopter.jpgMastersRacer who recounts a harrowing off-piste descent in the shadows of the Matterhorn in Turin, only to reveal in his next post the amazing story of a World Cup racer who severely injured his spine on a downhill training run in Val Gardena.  But this was his Edge of Never...

"Life is precious. Could I risk another accident like I had just survived. My T4 and T5 vertebrae had been compressed to within a mm of impinging on my spinal cord. Any further compression of my spine could leave me paralyzed. My Edge of Never moment came not on the slopes but in a hospital bed. I made the greatest and most difficult decision in my life to that point. The second day after my accident, while still in traction, I decided that I would not race anymore."

Who will the winner be? Certainly it is the EpicSki community that wins by sharing in the courage of these members willing to share their story.   Be sure to read it.  Our thanks again to Bill Kerig for sponsoring the contest and sharing his vision of confronting the dream, and making it reality.

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What's New on EpicSki?

You now have the ability to create photo albums and upload pictures.  A new Wiki explains how to upload images from your computer to create an album, organize albums, and use images in your posts.  If you want to get real fancy, you can resize and place you images.  Take a look at the Image and Video Tutorial to learn how to make the most of this editing power.

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If you are an EpicSki Supporter and an instructor, please complete the Instructor Listing Form, and you can have the Instructor badge next to your user name, and your listing will appear in the EpicSki Instructor and Coaches List. 


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