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Free Ride Skis

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 I don't currently own a pair of skis (that are worth skiing).  I'm likely looking for a "single quiver" type ski, but don't have too much familiarity with the new equipment as I've only recently begun skiing on shaped skis (took a hiatus from skiing over the last decade or so).

About Me:

25 years old, 5' 10", 185 lbs.
Expert skier

Typical conditions:

I typically ski at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe - tree lines, steeps, chutes, bumps, sierra cement, powder...and trails/groomers when necessary (or when I want to fly).

I've heard good things about the Volkl Mantra and the Fischer Watea, but also wondering if anyone has other recommendations for skis I should demo.

Also curious for recommendations on ski length.

Thanks -
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I'll be at Squaw this weekend, so we can hook up if you want to check out/buy my 2007 183 Gotamas (they have Salomon demo bindings so adjustment will be easy - just know your DIN setting).  email me at dv_foo at yahoo.com and we can work out details.
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enjoy hearing about someone buying a traditional ski, the Mantra and Watea are great choices. The Watea is turning up on Tramdock quite a bit and selling there for a song. grab it. Gotama, eh?, not so much.
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yep, skis are like opinions; everyone has a different take on what's good.  I see lots and lots of Mantras and Gotamas around Squaw, along with Bibbys, JJs, XXLs, etc.  Wateas get good reviews, but I don't see many of them at Squaw.  Perhaps 20:1 ratio of Gotamas/Mantras to Wateas.  That probably has more to do with Fischer's marketing than the quality of its products, or the quality of Volkl's products...
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 Thanks for the replies thus far.  Any recommendations on ski length and bindings?  Assuming the demo goes well next weekend I'll probably go with the Mantra.
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I have a buddy your size, who skis Squaw all the time, and he's on 177 Mantras and likes them.  You could go 184 if you like longer skis. 

Lots of good bindings out there, but I like Look Pivot/Rossi FKS style; good retention/elasticity; short footprint on skis.  Salomon STHs are popular as well. 
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