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Although this is my first season, I have been fortunate enough to ski a lot so far and have started to become more discerning with my equipment.  I have to ski again to really pay attention to it but I think my right ski points inward slightly which makes it hard for me to keep the skis parallel at all times.  I'm sure technique has something to do with it but even when I'm skiing my best I can't seem to keep the right ski parallel without conciously adjusting it outward from time to time.

There is a definite diffrence in my turning ability.  My turns to the left are fluid and effortless, however, when I turn to the right I feel I have to really pick the right ski up to get it out of the way to snap off the turn (this problem becomes more pronounced at slower speeds).  The problem persists even though I work hard on right turns.  Often I'll go down a green or easier blue just making right turns the whole way down but I cannot gain that fluidity that I have with turns to the left.

I know everyone has a favorite side to turn and stop but I tend the think the boot is not doing me any favors.

I have Dalbello Axion 12's with Down Under footbeds (not custom).  I bought them from Sno Haus in Huntington (Long Island), NY.  First question is, the boot has a canting adjustment that I have not played around with, should I?  And if I do, does the adjustment need to be symmetrical on both boots, i.e., if I adjust the right boot cant, do I need to make the same adjustment on the left even though the left seems okay?

Secondly, Sno Haus will make free adjustments to the boot.  Do I need to ski again to pinpoint that it is the right boot or if I go into the shop giving the same explanation I gave here, will the boot fitters be able to make the necessary adjustments?  The reason I ask is because when I first bought the boot, I prematurely went back because they felt tight on the top of my foot.  The bootfitter told me to ski in them a couple of times before worrying about it.  He was right, it's not much of an issue anymore.  However, I have about 10 or 12 days on these boots and the right ski problem has persisted. 

If Sno Haus doesn't feel an adjustment is necessary, is there a recommended bootfitter in Long Island I can check out?

Thanks in advance.