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This is not the first big rock to fall on I-70 and there will be more.  Rocks were falling off of those mountains befor we got here and will probablly be doing so after we are gone.  It is just part of the price of being in the mountains and we are not really going to change it much.  It is really amazing that it doesn't happen more often

Fall of 75?, a nice young family was headed toward the Eisenhower above Georgetown and a mountain egg came down.  They probablly never knew it, first knowledge would be asking the guy at the Pearly Gates what just happened. 

Would not want my family along, but this would not be a bad way to go.
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Originally Posted by RBC View Post

Just curious, what is the proper reaction when you see rock slide, drive faster ? stop ? drive near the hill side, drive away from the hill side, or there is nothing you can do, just let it be.
Option a = put your head between your legs and kiss...
Option b = drive to the nearest Walmart adnd buy new underwear
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The rocks don't have to be that big to be dangerous.  I was driving through the canyon at 2am one spring and a 10" rock came rolling down.  The car in front of me ran over it and ripped open the gas tank and it burst into flames.  A bunch of kids on spring break just got out with their lives and not much else.  
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Can they put up chain link fencing or a barrier on the hillside? We have a similar area on a mountain pass here. Spring thaw sets it off. Came around a corner on a 6% grade at 45mph in a 55 ton truck and they it was in the middle of the road. About the size of a basketball. Took out the Air dryer lines and dumped all the air. I got it into the bar ditch about the time everything locked up. Moral-You never know what's around the next corner. Words to live by.
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They do in many places around I-70, but not there, I think. I've not noticed any anyway. Probaby do to the scenic qualities of not having it there. Also, the proximity of the highway to the canyon wall means a rock the size that fell is going to hit the roadway, at least, mesh or no mesh.

An update and at the end of the story a rock fall related death:

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I 70 is open again with one lane in each direction with 40 MPH speed limit.  Anyone drive through it yet?  I'm wondering if it's a significant delay or just a brief slow down.  I'd like to ski Aspen in a few weeks if the delay is not more than half an hour.
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 i just drove through it.  7 AM on a friday from Grand Junction to Denver, no waiting, just 45 mph through the tunnel.  People will slow down to see the rock that fell, as it is impressive.  Just drove back from DIA back to GJ and there is still some damage on this road.  I went over it at about 50 because there was no traffic and the traffic there was, was going faster than me, and that seemed like a mistake in the civic.  For the most part it's completely passable.
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The close calls keep coming:

Boulder hits car in Glenwood Canyon
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Is replacement of the visible beam (in the hole pictures) necessary?
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June Rock Slide in Glenwood Canyon. 



Channel 7 News Photos 


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Here is the follow up story in the Summit Daily:




CDOT video:


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This video is pretty interesting.




In a hurry, jump to 5:00. See the rock fall fighters at work. In the previous post's video, you see the tilt/pan cam in action around 2:00.

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I always keep my eyes peeled thru the canyon.  


I met some college kids that pulled an all night road trip to Aspen during spring break some years back.

About 4am on the way to Aspen an 8" rock rolled down and they ran over it.  Ripped a hole in the gas tank and totally engulfed the car in flames.

They all got out with their lives and nothing else.

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I had to drive to Gypsum (on the eastern end of Glenwood Canyon) ,yesterday going east at 9:30 we got stopped for about 20 minutes and then passed through. The road was already closed westbound and they closed the eastbound right after we got through.
Cottonwood Pass comes out right near our house so it was no big deal getting home.

Normally, I drive over Cottonwood if I am going to the Eagle airport as it is a little shorter than going through the canyon.

Unfortunately it has a section that becomes impassable if it gets wet enough.

Not that dramatic a story but I was there!

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