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Hi Guys!
This friday and saturday I went skiing after 10 years!  This outing has ignited my love for the sport.  I plan on going at least once before the seasons end and definitely a seasons pass for next year.  With that being said I'd like to get my own equipment that won't break the bank but also give me the flexibility in advancing.
I think I'd put myself in the intermediate level(?)  I can ski green's and blues perfectly fine but have gone down blacks without much confidence.  
I only plan on going on-piste and I'm not an aggressive skier, I enjoy carving but do welcome speed.
I'm 5'8 195 pounds.  What would you guys recommend? Also, what would be the best time to make this purchase?

I live in Toronto and have heard you can get some great deals at the ski/snowboard show.  Is it worth waiting for?