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I've wanted some Chubbs for years. (thanks for all the advice VA)Last month I bought some with probably less than 20 days on them cheap. I had to remount the bindings to fit my boots. Took them to a big ski shop. Went to pick up my "Chubbs" and the guy said I've got some Volants back there but no Chubbs. "Those things were fat and the Volants I've got aren't". Well, he went to the back and brought me my skis. We both noted that they were about the same size (width and shape) as most of the new skis he had on the rack for service. The second version of Chubbs is almost exactly the same dimensions as the middle of the road performance skis we're buying today. When Chubbs were introduced owners bragged about how it could carve and was really an all mountain ski. Expert reviewers said they were crazy. Who would know that once again the more things change the more they stay the same.