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Any Experience with the Atomic Race GS or Fischer Worldcup RC?

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I'm looking for advice from skiers who own or have demo'd these skis or any of their relatives from Atomic and Fischer.  I'm specifically interested in opinions regarding length.  I've skied the Atomic Race Ti GS in a 175 cm.and the Fischer Worldcup RC Pro Flowflex in 170 cm.  I'm 6'4", 230 lbs, I race NASTAR/Adult Leagues and can ski well on any Northeast 'front side' terrain under just about any conditions.  Unfortunately, demo skis are usually a little short for me.

I really liked the Atomic and was surpised to find such speed and stability in a 175.  If I buy a pair, conventional wisdom would say to go longer, but I already find it a bit of a chore to ski slow or in the bumps, so maybe the 175 is OK afterall.  If you know this ski, how sensitive are its characteristics to changes in length?  Does it get harder than you might expect to turn at slow speeds as the length increases?

The Fischer is a ski I want to like.  I found it quick and smooth underfoot, good edge hold and pleasantly confidence inspiring across a wide range of (eastern) snow conditions.  But compared to the Atomic it felt lacking in energy (fun) and a little less stable at high speed.  I can easily imagine that both of those negative characteristics might be rectified in skiing it in the length Fischer recommends (185cm).  Again, can anyone with experience on the Fischers predict if I'd be happy on the 185?
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I can't speak to the Atomic, but I own the Fischer Worldcup RC.  I am a few inches shorter and maybe 40 lbs lighter than you and have the 175.  I originally bought the ski as my Nastar/Beer League ski when living in the Midwest, but have since moved to Utah.  I still ski it many days each season and still love it for firm conditions - it just RIPS.  My only wish is that I went with a 180 instead of the 175 for a western ski.

IMHO a 170cm ski is way short for you.  In fact, at your size I would not go less than 180.  If you tried the RC in a 180 (or even 185), you will have a different opinion of the Fischer.
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Thanks for your reply, NeedToSki.  I already had a favorable impression of the Fischer and if I read you correctly, you feel it will only get more so if I ski it in the proper length.  That's the kind of reassurance I was hoping to get.  Actually, I see now there was a typo...I was on a 175, not a 170.  But, the point is still well taken..it was too short for me.  I'd probably go for the 185 in a perfect world although I've seen a used pair of 180's for sale locally.  Any idea what a fair price would be?  And still, those Atomics are quite tempting too--they had that "riding on rails" feel I've experienced in older Atomic GS skis--and my net cost at the shop where I demo'd them would be about 50% off list price.  Decisions, decisions!
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Me: 6-4, 240#, no wait, 250#. I have the Fischer WC RC, probably 05 model year, 180cm. Don't remember the specs, but sidecut is not FIS legal. Groomer zoomer quiver ski for when it's hard and nothing but hard. For me it's a lively, turny GS ski. Excellent grip and variety of turn shapes, plenty of pop. Work that tail and blast off. Stay on top or be punished. Speed limit is very high but evident. Keep it on edge..... Does OK in small to moderate bumps. Scary submarines in fresh snow. I have not tried other lengths. I expect the 185 would have more gofast, but require more thigh. You should be able to find a deal on the 180s or 185s.
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