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Kelowna Ski/Golf Trip

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I'm heading out to the Kelowna area.  Just looking for some tips - What is your favourite mountain in the area?  Which mountain is in the best shape right now?  Anything other useful tips?

I know this is a skiing forum, but I'm also taking my golf clubs out.  Can you suggest any good golf courses in the area?

Thanks for you help!
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 I'm partial to Silver Star myself.  The Putnam Creek area has some excellent double diamond runs.  They're the real deal, though you'd better like bumps.  If you're a groomer lover they have plenty of them too.

I quit golfing years ago.  No help there.
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Didn't ski silver star, but last weekend I was at big white and the conditions were very good (excellent in comparison to a lot of other hills in what has been a bad snow year). Note that your multiday ticket will work on either mountain, so you can try both while you are in the area. Silver Star is located a lot closer to golf courses. The only one I've ever played in the area is the mini-golf at Scandia Fun Centre (watch out for the windmill hole!).
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Sun Peaks is in great shape right now and some golf courses in Kamloops are now open. Westjet now has direct flights Calgary to Kamloops.
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