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Stolen Skis Warning

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 Want to post a heads up in case anyone sees a great deal somewhere online on a couple of pairs of skis that were stolen on 6 March 2010 outside Albion Grill at Alta. The thieves took a pair of 177 cm G3 Saint skis with Dynafit Bindings and a pair of Black Diamond Carbon Pure poles. They also took a pair of 163 cm Line Pandora skis with Marker Baron bindings. Appreciate it if you see these skis offered for sale on eBay, TGR, KSL or wherever that you PM me with the details so we can try to shut them down and recover the items. Thanks.
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 Im sad this crap still takes place.. any way to "chip" a pair of skis? It would be nice to teach some ski thieving scum bags a lesson.
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any use in letting local shops know, perhaps they'd keep an eye out should they come in for a wax?  if you have the serial numbers it would allow them to confirm with you.

back of my mind always thought ski's would benefit from RFID tags embedded which if the industry pushed, would allow slopes to read when folks pass though gates ...

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Report to SLC Police, as I think they can scan the local pawn shop inventory. They (thieves) knew quality when they saw it! Makes you want to spray paint everything flat black!

You might want to scan Craigslist also, you can use something like Craiglook.  Best of luck.
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 Thanks. I reported the theft yesterday to the Town of Alta marshals. They told me that they rarely see any stolen skis passing through local (SLC) pawn shops. Mostly skis like these are sold on Craigslist, eBay, etc.

Ate lunch in my car today with my skis on the roof rack. Might be the wave of the future.
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 nothing is showing up on ebay matching either of those descriptions
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 Thanks for checking. Didn't see anything on Craigslist or KSL either. Maybe I'll check out some of the upcoming ski swaps and see if they show up there.
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Sorry to hear about that but now I don't feel so silly for locking up my gear when I was out there a week or so ago.
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sorry hear, will keep an eye open.  I still refuse to lockup.
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 This kind of thread ticks me off!
Will keep my eye open in my on line searches.
Hope you get some recovery. 
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 Good luck man.  Last year there was a dump truck that got left on the side of I-70, it was filled with skis.  A seasons worth of work.  
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A dump truck full of stolen skis? Did anything ever come of that? Arrests? 
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nothing.  It was deserted.  that I know of at least.
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A good way to keep an eye on Craigslist is to use the Tempest search engine

This lets you view sale items in any category (sporting goods), anywhere in the U.S. or world.   Pandora skis and Dynafit should be rare enough to have meaningful hits.
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 Thanks all. I'll check the Tempest search engine as well.
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Haven't used tempest but crazedlist allowed you to search multiple craigslists at once. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by equ View Post

Haven't used tempest but crazedlist allowed you to search multiple craigslists at once. Good luck!

 craigslook is better than Crazedlist. 
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