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How does everyone stack up in the great big picture of skiing? Which skiers are perceived to be "better", or higher up on the ladder?

With so many things happening in skiing, I offer this just for entertainment purposes... pick apart this list of how I see the skiers of today stacking up against one another. I'll use a points system to rank... 100 for the lowest skill level down to zero for the "world's greatest skier", based not only on technical skills, but on the "fear" factor, the fit factor, the fast factor, the ballsiness factor, endangerment to life and limb factor, the whole kit n' kaboodle.

Disagree all you want, just for fun. Rearrange the list as you see fit. If I looked at it tomorrow, I'd probably change it myself!

100 pts: never skied before
99 pts: cautious wedge turner on gentlest terrain
90 pts: weekend warrior who can ski most of the in-bounds terrain on the mountain.
90 pts: Entry level ski instructor
85 pts: average local club entry level coach
80 pts: Mid level ski instructor
80 pts: Entry level ski instructor trainer
70 pts: High level ski instructor
60 pts: Elite level ski instructor
60 pts: top level (magazine "star") "jibber" or park rider
60 pts: National or international level race coach
60 pts: Top provincial/state level racers (ages 16 and up)
55 pts: Top national level junior racers (ages 16 and up)
55 pts: "local legends" of big mountain skiing, "hot" tele skiers (racers, tele-cross competitors)
50 pts: ski instructor at the national or international program development level. (ie Interski types)
40 pts: racer at the Noram Level
40 pts: guys who get their pics in magazines for straight-lining 50 degree couloirs, lawn darts off 80 foot cliffs, etc and make a living at this sort of thing
30 pts: racer at Europa Cup Level
1 pt: World Cup Champion

Add? Subtract? Rearrange?