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Is 1mm back a problem?

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I just pick up a pair of elan slx WC sl skis. 165mm with the fischer ff17 binding.

I'm bought them for slalom training. Never raced slalom just GS so I picked these up as a learning/practice ski.

The binding were set for a boot that is just a touch shorter than mine and when I adjusted the heel the boot center is about 1mm (1.5max) behind ski center line.

Shoud I try it like this first before having it remounted?

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1mm?    that is the size of this period    .   will not matter

ski em

new holes in skis should be 10mm apart , so you are not going to get closer then what you have...
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 That's not anything to worry about.  I doubt "the line" is marked with better than 1-2mm accuracy to begin with, on boot or ski.  And the line is not really "exact" anyhow.  In reality, there is a plus/minus range of probably 5mm around the line that is suitable.
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1mm won't matter at all, and you certainly won't notice difference. And besides, it doesn't say anywhere boot center should be mounted exactly on line. Mounting position depends on your skiing, and on this how you want your skis to behave. For example I have seen SL skis from WC racers, which were mounted more then 2cm back.
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In my experience:

I think you should be able to adapt quite easily to a 1 mm difference.

A 1 cm difference might cause some adjustment difficulties (like extra strain on the quads from loading up the front of the skis from too far back a binding position).  You could always adjust your ramp angle and/or forward lean a bit to compensate.

A 1 inch difference would be too much. 
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