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ski help??

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Posted this in ski gear, guess I am not cool enough to get a response :(

I am 5 feet 4, over 230 pounds.  I am about 163 cm tall.  I have some elan 168's which I like but they go a bit faster than I like.  I ski intermediate and advanced runs could get down a expert only run but due to a accident I do not ski experts because I am not in good enough shape.

I tried some icelantics, didn't like the one with the horn, they didnt have a shaman or scout, didn't like the one that has a horn on it, but like the new for this season womans ski,the oracle, which was either 155 or 165, early rise, 138 tip, 100 waist,120 tail, radius 13 or 16    I like a ski that is "turny".   think I may not like a soft ski.

wouldnt say I love the oracle, just that I liked it more than my elan 888.
BTW, today I skied on dynastar 160 cm toublemakers, and they were awful!  Either too soft or too short or both.  Liked the elan 888 168 cm's much better, even tho the 888's at 168 cm  seem "big" to me.
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If you want turny, look for a softer tip, but stay away from soft all the way along, you need some stiffness to support your weight. 
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