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Where to next year

Poll Results: Where to?

  • 9% (1)
  • 27% (3)
    Lake Tahoe
  • 9% (1)
    Canadian Rockies
  • 9% (1)
    Colorado (drive from denver airport)
  • 9% (1)
  • 0% (0)
  • 18% (2)
  • 18% (2)
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After doing Aspen/snowmass last year and Park City this year, the question is where to next year.  Our group has intermediate to beginners (as well as those who really don't ski but like sight seeing the town)
Since we are from back east we like to travel west the second week of Feb.

So I am looking for your suggestions
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 go back to aspen
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we really loved snowmass and that is a distinct possiblility.  We stayed at the mountain chalet which was perfect ski in/ ski out
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Tahoe boys. 

You could not miss with the mix of people you are talking about.
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You would like Steamboat.
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I was at steamboat last year (last few days of the season) and would consider going back, I loved the hot springs as well.  The skiing wasn't the best but had a great time.
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Obviously you cannot go wrong with any of your choices and believe me everyone will have a differing opinion on this.  Me personally...I would go someplace new.  Not sure where on the East Coast you are from but I would recommend Whistler or Lake Tahoe.  I have been to both and both were spectacular!  Just check airfares and how tough/expensive it is to get to Vancouver or Reno from your location.  That is the only downside....getting to each is not so easy from the East Coast.

We have hit the I70 resorts in CO and flown into EGE (Eagle/Vail) which was closer to the slopes and the same price as flying into DEN.  You could also fly into Hayden for Steamboat and save the drive from DEN.
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