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I wanted to share with everyone a note I received from one of my Building Blocks students.  She's in her second season of using the program.  During that time she's become a level one PSIA instructor, and just this past weekend passed her level 2.  

Building Blocks is a step by step skill building program that expands comfort zones, and leads skiers to expert skiing, by developing a broad base of foundation skills in all the technical areas of the sport.  I've explained many times here on Epic how powerful the building of a large skill base is in taking skiers to the highest levels of performance and fun.  I decided to share this letter from my student with you, because it's represents a first hand account of that power from a person who has made the journey and discovered it for themselves.  

Quote: From a Building Blocks Student
Now I have to say, I was able to do all the drills the examiner asked us to try and really take it to the next level...because of all your good materials and advice.  It really does make a difference because it builds a base of skills so solid that you have the confidence to try new things.  Because through your drills you play with balance so much that you're used to 'adjusting' all the time!

As I've explained here many times, great skiing is about building a broad skill base.  Balance training is not just about learning to remain upright, it's about developing the versatility to ski comfortably in many states of balance, and to move from one to other with ease.  The confidence that comes from getting to that place is a amazing thing to experience.  Developing edging skills is not just about learning to turn, it's about acquiring the ability to execute any shape speed your desire, at any speed you wish, on any terrain on the mountain.  Just expanding one's skill base in those two areas dramatically changes how a person perceives the sport of skiing, and enhances forever the fun they have on snow.  

I can't stress enough the value of expanding your skill base, and the payback it provides in so many ways.  Each new skill you build provides a new level of confidence, and makes mastering new techniques and challenges so much easier.  To those of you who choose to take the plunge and embark on a skill building journey, enjoy the ride.  I can guarantee you it will be vastly rewarding.  Those of you who have already begun, why not share a story of where the journey has taken you, and how it's enhanced your skiing experiences.  It could be informative and motivational for those looking for a road to a new level of fun and performance.