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available Keystone Instructor

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I would like to consider hiring an instructor for my two girls 6 and 9yrs old who are similar abilities (level 6/7). Ideally, I'd do this direct (bypsssing the resort ski school)so that we both financially benefit. I would want 5-6 days in the week.

Is anyone insterested? What would a fair rate be for the day remembering the alternative is group lessons for each of them. I might need a second instructor too depending on the other kids we are with.

I look forward to any advise.

Please email if interested:
gschlact AT comcast DOT net

Mar 27- April 3 Keystone

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Please review the thread "A Question... "

This may give you some insight to your request...

Have a great visit to Summit County!


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Someone coming into an area and setting up their own ski teaching business without permission from the area is a lot like someone coming into the restaurant that you own or lease, and serving their own food. You wouldn't let that happen if you were in that business. We won't either, as long as we have the legal right to. Our area is not a BYO operation. Our instructors appreciate very much when we enforce that.

Good luck in this crap shoot!

Have a great visit to Summit County!
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A much better question would be, "I'm skiing at Keystone, can someone recommend a good instructor for my kids?"

My experience is that most resorts have some great instructors and some that are not as good. The trick is doing some research and finding a good one where you are going to ski. This board is full of people familier with that area. If you ask, I'm sure someone could refer you to a good instructor at Keystone for your girls. Good luck!!

PS. I could be wrong, but I doubt you'll find a top notch professional with your approach. Loyalty to one's resort, and respect for the rights of fellow professionals at other resorts is one of the qualities of a top notch professional in my opinion.
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Tony Hawks is a ski school manager there. I'm sure he can help you find an instructor.
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I'm wracking my brains to think of a good kids' instructor there to recommend. The turnover in Kids was pretty high though. Actually I just thought of one...I'll email his name.
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Ask for a level III cert with a kid's accred.
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great advise from everyone - thanks.

It looks like I'll wind up putting my kids into group lessons (can't affort a full day private for 5 days).

Even in group lessons, do they put Level 3 Cert/Kids Accred - what is chance they'll honor such a request.

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I just thought of another question if you all don't mind.

My kids do get mentally tire of being in class day in and day out. Do you know if any of the baby sitting services will ski with our girls just as sitters (no instruction?)

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