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Snowbowler makes a visit to Stowe

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 Snowbowler made the trip up to stowe today, we skied pretty hard basically skied almost everything there is to ski here. Spruce, Bench, Chin, front 4, mellow tree runs that are the unmarkered.

Early on after a couple bone jarring runs down from the quad and a Planet X run that I am sure niether of us will forget because it was icey breakable crust with avy debris though in, we went over to spruce to rip some slushy groomers and soft bumps/trees

Bushwacker tracks

Snowbowler skiing cannonball run

Snowbowler charges for an old guy, chargin down Turkey Chute

If you ski at stowe you ve passes this spot a lot and have never skied it

after some lunch with Epic we go and hike up to find some steep and winter snow.

Snowbowler did the hike in 30 mins, I actually wish he would have went slower so he wouldnt of burned him self out.

Really upper Perry Merril is the route you hike, I thank the CCC for making this easy.

We hike to ski this Profanity 35-40 degrees pitch long about 800 vertical feet of goodness.

I love Rime ice

Summit shots

Yes green is my favorite color

Oh yeah we came up here to ski down, sorry for the crappy video

Snowbowler on the middle third

Really funny action sequence

I call it when pine trees attack!

thats all folks, we have an awesome base here now with some lines that a go that almost are never a go according to the people who have been here longer. We just need some fresh snow on one of my days off now!
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Luv the rime & snowghosts.  Great shots!
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 Bushwacker, as always, your TR's rock!

Love the Ghost sequence with Snowblower!
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Bush, After all your trip reports i have seen from you about Stowe I thought I would be guaranteed  powder skiing with you. Actually I had a great time and by skiing with you and your mid 20's legs and lungs I got the workout I wanted.Even if I went slower on the hike I'm only good for 1 lap climbing. What do you mean crappy video, I thought it was pretty good, I even got you in the frame ha ha!

.I like your camera it was easy to use especially when you tell me to only touch 2 buttons and nothing else. I wish I had something like that for today. I had Jon at Killington and he was clearing the wall in the pipe by 4' and doing grabs on his board that would have been cool to get a shot of. Now about that tree shot. I usually do not purposely go at trees, I really thought there was going to be a little clearing between the 2 for that right hand turn, ah but that's what they make helmets for.

One thing I give Bush props for is that he has not even been at Stowe 1 year yet and he really starts figuring out the mountain and how it will ski. I really thought Starr would have been softned up in the pm for some soft spring like bumps and it wasn't and he knew it would still be hard snow but he was a real sport in going over and skiing it with me. I just can't ski Stowe with out hitting Starr. Him skiing those bumps is what I wished we got on film. He did a review of the Blizzard One ski in the gear section and all I can say is he can do bumps with that ski or any other ski, Bush does bumps well. I'll get on the road bike more this summer and get in better shape for my next workout with you Josh. thanks for a great day and I am glad we hiked because i would not be doing that alone.
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Cool photos &  video. You are definitely skiing a different Stowe than the one I've been to.

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Awesome TR... I thought the video was pretty good actually I don't see what's wrong. But that doesn't look 35-40 degrees, looks like low 30s.
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