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Colorado in mid April

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I am living in Sweden and I have a business trip planned to Denver in mid April. Is there still good snow then, and what are the best places to go from Denver?

Any advice is appreciated, my knowledge of Colorado skiing is very limited. Since I never ski off-piste alone I am primarily looking for red and above groomers.


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Mid April in Colorado can still be fabulous skiing in my opinion. It's nearly my favorite time of year there and I never miss it.
A couple of us are going on April 15th to ski 4 days and plan to do a day each at Copper, A-Basin, Loveland and somewhere else TBD based on conditions.
Most of the big resorts are open until April 18th and then you'll still have at least Loveland & A-Basin after that.
Have fun!
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Mid-April is the very end of the season for the major resorts.  Lots of snow but not many customers.  Watch the resort closing dates.  As noted, Loveland and A-Basin stay open late, usually well into June.

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just watch out for the temps.  I went to steamboat the last week of skiing last year and only had a few good hours of skiing per day.  In the morning it was icey and by noon mash potatos. 
Also, some of the mountains close due to the leasing agreement they have with the gov't, not on actual conditions
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Conditions this year aren't what they are in most years. Not enough snow, still. It is getting better, though. As Mark points out, time of day can be critical to getting the right conditions. Fortunately, many of the resorts mentioned have a good range of elevation as well as aspects so you can follow/avoid the sun as needed by the temperatures and elevation.

PM me if you would like to meet up. I ski mostly at Breck and Loveland, but could go anywhere in Summit or Eagle Counties (Vail, Beaver Creek) with a little notice.

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